No matter what kind of manufacturing industry you are in, pests are always a problem. Raw ingredients for food, fabrics, medicines, and so on, are targets for pests – but really, any type of manufacturing can draw certain types of infestations. If you don’t have manufacturing pest control services set up as a routine for your location, you could be inviting pests to come right in. Here are four signs that you need to give Viking Pest a call today.

1. You see flies all over the place.

This is probably the most obvious of all the pests because flies don’t tend to hide away and lay eggs or consume. Instead, they fly around, spreading bacteria and disease as they consume whatever they land on. From common black flies and fruit flies to cluster flies and other varieties, these pests can show up everywhere. They are more than just a nuisance due to the way they can spread bacteria.

2. You frequently see flashes of black or brown in the corner of your vision.

It is a sign that you’ve got the most common pest of all – cockroaches. These hardy insects will go anywhere there is a food source, and you’d be amazed what they consider food. They can also spread bacteria and germs everywhere they go. The best way to get rid of the indestructible cockroach is removing the food source.

3. You see small droppings on the floor or have issues with chewed-on electrical wiring.

It is a sign that you’ve got rodents in your space. It can be a huge problem in a manufacturing environment, because rodents do more than just spreading germs. They also destroy property by chewing it up to make nests and pathways. If you see one rodent or evidence of one, there are always a lot more hidden away.

4. You have inventory rooms where products are stored for long periods of time.

If you have spaces where products are stored away for several weeks or months, there is a good chance that tiny pests like mites, weevils, and beetles have found their way into the inventory. Cool, dark, secluded inventory that never gets moved is the perfect home for these types of pests.

The best way to get rid of all these pests and more is through manufacturing pest control routines with Viking Pest. A complete pest control service will get your facility free of these potential hazards.


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