Bed bugs have infiltrated homes and businesses throughout New York. In fact, they’ve become something of a national epidemic. They’ve been discovered in some of the highest-end hotels and apartments, and once they’re established, you may need a bed bug exterminator to truly eradicate them. How do you tell if you have bed bugs, though? Below, we’ll run down some of the signs and symptoms to look for that might indicate the presence of these pests.

Check for Signs of Bugs

While bites may be the first sign that makes you think you have a bed bug infestation, they are often inconclusive. Many bite types resemble one another, and it can be easy to be bitten outdoors without noticing it, only to realize it later and assume that it happened indoors. Instead, look for signs of bed bugs in your home. These can include:

  • Live bed bugs in your bedding, under the mattress, and around the bed.
  • Rusty stains on your bedding from bed bugs being crushed while you sleep.
  • Small dark spots (about the size of the bullet point at the beginning of this sentence), which are bed bug excrement. These spots may spread like ink into your bedding.
  • Pale yellow nymph skins shed as they mature and grow.
  • Very small (1 mm) eggs and eggshells in your bedding or under the mattress.

Look for Signs of Infestation

In addition to looking for signs of bed bugs on and within your bedding, or under your bed, there are other areas that these pests like to hide out. Knowing these areas can help ensure that you’re able to keep a close eye out for them.

Check the seams of couch and chair cushions for live bugs, dead bugs, eggs and the like, and also check in the folds of curtains. If the curtains have a bottom seam, check it for bug-related detritus, as well. If you suspect a have a heavy infestation, you should also check within electrical receptacles for signs of bed bug activity.

What to Do If You Find Bed Bugs

If you notice bed bug detritus, live bugs, or suspect that you have a problem, immediately contacting a bed bug exterminator in New York is essential. A true professional can help exterminate live bugs and eggs, and safely eradicate them from your home and belongings. Call Viking Pest Control today at 888-481-8219 for a professional assessment.


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