Have a No-Mouse House:

It may seem like the middle of summer, but the reality is that fall and colder temperatures are just around the corner.  When the temperature drops, your risk of mice, rats, and other pests dramatically increases, because they seek the warmer temperatures in your home.  While Viking Pest is always here to serve your pest-control needs, the best way to control pests in your home is to prevent them in the first place!

Keep pests from coming into your home.

If pests cannot get into your home, they cannot live in your home.  Therefore, the first step in pest prevention is blocking off all potential entrances for pests.  The first step is to locate pest entrances.  Insects can come in any unsealed space, while even large rodents can fit in spaces as a small as a coin.  You want to seal off the doors and windows ad caulk any gaps in your trim and siding.  You also want to make sure that your dryer vent (and any other vents) are grated so that pests cannot enter through them, as well as cleaning and sealing off soffit gaps.  Finally, copper mesh can be very useful in blocking small entrances that insects could use for access.  The bonus of this pest-proofing is that it will also help keep air from escaping and might even result in lower heating or cooling costs.


Eliminate reasons for pests to stick around if they do get in. 

Sometimes even the most secure home gets pests; after all, if you can go in and out, so can they.  If pests do manage to invade your home, then you want to make sure it is uncomfortable for them to stay there. Pests need food and moisture to survive.  Therefore, make sure that any water leaks or damp areas are eliminated.  The areas in your sink cabinets will always be inviting to pests because of the moisture, so keep the areas clutter-free.  In fact, clutter is a pest’s best friend, so keep items off of the floor.  Keep all food securely stored in airproof containers.  This includes pet food!  Pests will happily eat your pets’ extra food, so when they are finished eating, pick up their food bowls and store their food in pest-proof containers.

Of course, not everyone is handy around the house and can take these steps to prevent unwanted visitors. Viking Pest Control offers a variety of pest-prevention packages and would be happy to help you find the right one to help keep your home pest-free this coming fall and winter. Contact us today to find out how affordable reliable pest prevention and control can be.


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