Pests of Fall: Pest-Proofing
Viking’s Guide to Preventing Autumn Pests From Entering Your Home

When fall comes, animals begin to prepare for the winter.

They look for a warm place to live with easy access to food and water. As you can imagine, your home looks more appealing to most pests than of the areas surrounding it, which is why many people see a dramatic increase in pest populations as summer turns into autumn. It is also why fall is an ideal time to pest-proof your home.

Because pests are generally seeking warmth, the first step in pest-prevention is preventing them from getting inside of your home, in the first place. To do this, you need to find potential pest entrances and close them up so that pests cannot enter through them. What is a pest entrance? Well, it is any break in your home’s exterior that would permit a pest to enter. Given how tiny many bugs are, the break does not have to be large. So, you want to inspect the entire exterior of your home. Weather-strip or caulk around doors and windows; caulk between trim and siding; clean and seal off soffit gaps; and secure your dryer vent so that pests cannot enter through it.

In addition to warmth, pests are looking for water. Water is essential to life and a home without a ready water source for pests is going to be much less appealing than another location. However, even tiny water leaks can give pests the water they need to survive. Inspect all plumbing for leaks and fix them, especially under sinks where the dark, dank surroundings are a perfect breeding ground for pests. Water pipes and their openings can also provide a perfect way for pests to move in and out of buildings or between rooms; use caulk to close up any gaps and help prevent pests from using those areas for movement. Larger pests can easily chew though caulk, so if an opening is larger, use copper wire mesh to secure the hole prior to caulking. Some pests, like spiders, rely on humidity in the air. Use a dehumidifier in damp areas, like basements, to discourage those pests.

Finally, pests need food. Secure all food in air-tight food containers, keep pet food out of reach and in sealed containers when the pets are not eating, and remove clutter on the floor, which can hide pests as they migrate towards food sources.


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