Bed bugs. Roaches. Rats. Any one of these or other pests will sound the death knoll of a hospitality business. Guests of a hotel who see so much as an ant are liable to complain on trip review websites, doing long-term damage to your brand and business. It’s not just your reputation at stake, either. Some pests can cause damage to your hotel or B&B, like termites, and others, like rats, can spread disease. The presence of pests can draw the attention of health inspectors, which could lead to fines and/or the loss of your business.



The thing with pests is that it doesn’t always matter how clean you keep your business.

Hospitality businesses that also have restaurants or even just a breakfast service need double the pest control because of the importance of immaculate cleanliness in the industry. Industry inspections will recognize the signs of pests, so smart business owners stay on top of the problem by hiring regular pest control services to prevent and mitigate problems before they come to the surface. A regular pest control intervention offers easy scheduling at intervals appropriate to address the specific needs of the situation and in a manner that is convenient for the proprietor so that guests are not being bothered.


The continual influx of guests from around the world also means that pests can hitchhike on unwitting people and hide in their bags, only to set up camp in their new abode-your hospitality business. Bed bugs are one of the most common pests to plague hospitality businesses, but any local pest has the potential to be a problem for the industry. The thing with pests is that it doesn’t always matter how clean you keep your business. Pests can still find a way to get in, and the only way to get them out is a professional pest control service that understands the unique needs of the hospitality industry.


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