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Mice Control in Mercer County, NJ

Mice Control in Middlesex County, New Jersey

Mice might make for cute protagonists in cartoon movies, but they do not make great house or officemates. Infestations in Middlesex County are quite common and it is often hard for human residents to notice that rodent neighbors have moved in. Mice are nocturnal, so it is unlikely you will see them running about during the day. Keeping them at bay requires understanding mice behavior and being proactive about prevention. If an infestation gets started, you need to know where to turn in Middlesex County for effective treatment.

What Are Mice?

Mice are little rodents that like to nibble. They are smaller than rats and grow only to about 4 inches in length with a long, thin tail equal in length to their body. According to our top pest control experts in Middlesex County, New Jersey, two species are commonly found in the area. They are the deer mouse and white-footed mouse. Both have brownish fur though the deer mouse has a white underbelly and the white-footed mouse has white feet.

How to Identify Mice in Middlesex County

It is not super common to see mice running around since they are most active at night. However, you will notice their droppings, particularly around food sources. Our pest control experts recommend keeping an eye out for little gray or black pellets about the size of a grain of rice. If you spot these, it is important to take with a mice exterminator in Middlesex County quickly before the problem spreads.

When Are Mice Present in Middlesex County?

Mice are present in Middlesex County all year round. However, in the winter they tend to be less active as they seek shelter from the cold and are not as interested in breeding activities. Unfortunately, if they have already taken refuge in your Middlesex County home or business, they can be active all year and multiplying within the walls, explain our New Jersey exterminators at Viking.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Middlesex County

Unfortunately, deer mice can carry a potentially fatal disease called the Hantavirus. You can get it from breathing the fumes of their urine, so you do not want them hanging around your Middlesex County home or business. To keep them out, our pest management professionals recommend keeping all foods tightly sealed and do not leave any crumbs or spills lying around. You should also be sure to seal any cracks or holes you find in your foundation or walls that could grant them entry into your building. If an infestation takes hold, call for a pest management professional to help you determine what drew them in, how to get them out, and keep them out.

SMART Pest Control in Middlesex County, NJ

Viking Pest Control is proud to be the exclusive provider of Anticimex SMART mice control in Middlesex County, NJ. Anticimex SMART is camera-free and pet, child and eco-friendly. SMART mice control utilizes infrared sensors to track mouse movement and communicate it to our main offices. Upon receiving notification, Viking will call you to schedule an appointment to take care of your mouse issue when and where it starts.


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Mice Control in Middlesex County, New Jersey

Protecting Your Home or Business From Mice Control in Middlesex County, New Jersey With Viking Pest Control

Viking Pest offers expert treatment designed to effectively and efficiently control and prevent pests from invading your home or business in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Our use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques focuses on finding the core of the pest concern and controlling Mice Control in Middlesex County, New Jersey from the source. Through IPM, pest control materials are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, pets, and the environment. Call Viking today for your FREE and NO OBLIGATION estimate at 1-800-618-2847 or Schedule Online today!