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New Jersey Vole Control

New Jersey Vole Control

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The name sounds like mole and they look a bit like mice, but voles are their own class of rodent pests. Before you know it, they can damage on your meticulous landscaping by damaging plants, trees, and grass. To avoid this problem at your New Jersey home or business, learn a bit about vole behavior, prevention methods, and what to do if an infestation takes hold.

What Are Voles?

Voles are often confused with mice but get to be a little bigger around 5 to 7 inches, and have shorter tails, explain the vole control experts in NJ at Viking Pest. Voles are vegetarians and will chow down on plants, grass, tree bark, nuts, and fruit — and they don’t care how hard you worked to make it all look nice.

How to Identify Voles

Wildlife control experts at Viking Pest explain, voles are shy and will quickly hide in underground tunnels they dig under your lawn and garden. Thus, spotting the vole itself is often unlikely. However, you may notice signs of the damage they’ve caused. Watch out for plants that uproot easily (their root systems have been eaten), soft areas in the ground or holes, and gnawed on tree bark near the bottom of trees. Call a New Jersey wildlife control expert, like Viking Pest, if you need help identifying a vole.

What Problems Can Voles Cause for New Jersey Home and Business Owners?

The main problem that voles cause is all the destruction around your property, explain the New Jersey vole control experts at Viking Pest. They’re always on the hunt for new food sources, meaning they’re constantly digging more tunnels to look for it. Not to mention the destruction they create by gnawing on your plants and trees. It doesn’t take much for a family or two (or a few) of voles to destroy the landscaping you spend hundreds of dollars or hours to create.

To a lesser extent, they can also attract larger animals like foxes, coyotes, or snakes that eat rodents.

When Are Voles Active in New Jersey?

There are two main species of voles that live in New Jersey, the meadow or field vole and the woodland vole. Thankfully, they don’t live long, typically between 3-6 months with a max of about 12 months, but that also means they are active and reproducing all year round, state the wildlife control experts at Viking Pest.

How to Control Voles in New Jersey

Ask a pest control expert in New Jersey how to control voles and they’ll tell you to not give them a home and food source. Vole control experts at Viking recommend fencing off your gardens, trees, and plants. Keep tall grass trimmed and don’t leave woodpiles or piles of junk lying around that will give them a place to hide. If you suspect an infestation, call a pest management professional immediately.

Viking Pest Can Help Control and Prevent Voles in New Jersey

We’re committed to providing pest control while minimizing the risk to your health and the environment. To that end, we use Integrated Pest Management principles of choosing just the right material and applying it in just the right way.

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New Jersey Vole Control

Protecting Your Home or Business From New Jersey Vole Control With Viking Pest Control

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