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Want to get rid of tick problems at your home or place of business? Tick control is important, given the health dangers ticks present. We would be happy to provide you with a no-obligation evaluation to help you review options for prevention, tick control, and tick removal. Call us at Viking Pest Control, serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

Tick Control & Removal

Stop Ticks Now

Tick Control & Removal
Ticks are found on more than just dogs. Besides the woods, ticks can make themselves at home in your backyard and on any other pets you have. Viking Pest Control is here to help you with professional tick control in addition to providing you with fundamental information on the micro-sized nuisances.

Get less “Ouch!” and more “Awww…” from the outdoors this year with Viking’s YARD GUARD™ Mosquito & Tick Control Program. Ticks and Mosquitoes can be a real distraction and deterrent from enjoying your own back yard during spring, summer and fall. Why not take action and fight back against the pests that can ruin your time outside? With YARD GUARD™, you will protect your outdoor space and control the breeding populations of mosquitoes and ticks.


What Are Ticks?

TicksLike mosquitos, ticks suck blood, but the type of tick most likely to latch onto a vein is a deer tick. What’s more is that ticks are known to be carriers of disease-causing pathogens. Additional facts about ticks include:

● Rather than flying, dropping down from trees or jumping, ticks crawl upward.
● Ticks have been known to be active in the winter.
● Deer ticks are the only ones that transmit Lyme disease bacteria
● Using pointy tweezers is the best (and safest) way to remove ticks.

Yard Guard Tick Control

How Do I Prevent Ticks

Yard Guard Tick ControlThankfully, you don’t have to suffer from ticks and their bites. In addition to wearing clothing that has built-in tick repellant while in wooded areas, you can also stick to the center of a trail to prevent ticks from latching onto you. DEET repellents and permethrin are also useful for tick prevention. Lastly, it’s best to avoid wooded areas that have high grass and scattered leaves.

Tick Control NJ

How Serious Are Ticks

section-bg-portrait-travelIn most cases, tick bites are harmless, but you may have an allergic reaction and experience swelling, burning sensations or a rash. There’s also the chance a tick could be carrying a disease, but this is rare. What’s more is you have 24 hours to remove a tick carrying a disease before that disease is passed on to you. Be sure you give your body a thorough check after going out into your yard or in wooded areas.

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It’s simple as 1-2-3!

Read more about Tick Removal and Viking Pest Control’s Tick Services HERE.

  1. We apply the most effective treatment to the target areas on your property
  2. Mosquitoes and ticks soon will get infected and die
  3. You will be able to enjoy the great outdoors again!


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