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How do I recognize Flies?

Flies are usually easily recognized.  There are many species.  Some reproduce in garbage, some carrion and yet other are merely trying to stay warm for the winter.  Because of this diversity, it is always best to have them identified by a knowledgeable expert.

How to get rid of flies

Good sanitation practices help with most fly species.  Removal of pet waste and covering garbage cans is very helpful.  Installing yellow exterior light bulbs will help to draw fewer flies.  Ensuring window screens are in good repair helps to eliminate fly entry.  The goal with most species is to eliminate the breeding site.

Can flies be a threat to my health?

Flies are considered a public health pest.  They are believed by many experts to transmit more food borne illnesses than cockroaches do.  The reason for this is that they can transmit bacteria as they land on food.  When they feed they spread bacteria onto their new food source, contaminating it.  They may also emerge in very large numbers if conditions are correct.

Where did I get flies from?

Flies vary greatly in their preference for a breeding site.  They reproduce in everything from pet feces, sewage, dead animals all the way to earth worms.  Torn window screens, damaged plumbing, unsealed gaps in the building and even exterior lighting may be sources of flies. Because of this diversity, it is always best to let Viking’s highly trained group of inspectors perform a free inspection to your facility to determine the source of your fly problem.

How we protect your facility from flies!

Viking’s highly trained inspectors will first identify the species of fly present and locate their breeding source.  The appropriate treatment customized to your individual needs will be prescribed and carried out by our professional staff.  At Viking we utilize only tested, proven materials to treat your concern ensuring effectiveness. Only the best products available are used to ensure the best practice for you and your loved ones.


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