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Get help getting rid of mice with Viking Pest Control’s mice control services. We are an exterminator for rodents as well as all sorts of other pests and we can help you get rid of mice fast. Book a free evaluation for your home or business in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, or Maryland and we will provide a no-obligation consultation and cost quote.


How do I identify mice or rats?

RodentsMice and rats both have long hairless tails and fur covered bodies. Mice may either brown and white in color (Deer Mouse or Field Mouse) or grey in color (House Mouse). In the Northeast, the most common species of rat encountered is the Norway Rat. With long tails and robust bodies, this rat sometimes enters homes in search of food and water. Often, the only evidence of rodent activity will be their droppings left behind as they forage throughout your home. Mouse droppings, are approximately the size of a grain of rice and black in color. Rat droppings are larger, and are often slightly curved. See detailed species info below.

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What threats can mice or rats pose to me or my home?

Rodent ControlBoth mice and rats are public health pests and are known to harbor and transmit many diseases. Diseases such as Murine Typhus, Rickettsialpox, Leptospirosis, Rat Bite Fever, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, Salmonella and Plague have all been associated with rodents. These are spread by their contamination of surfaces with their feces, urine and even in some rare cases, bites. In addition to the health risks associated with rodents, their gnawing can pose a risk to homes. Rodents gnaw to wear down their teeth throughout their lives. This gnawing has even led to wires being chewed starting fires.

Rodent Infestaion

How did we get rats or mice?

Rodent InfestaionThis pest comes from the outdoors, sometimes in large numbers. They often find their way into homes through gaps in doors, gaps around pipes, cracks in foundations and other openings.


How to get rid of mice or rats?

section-bg-portrait-travelReducing low lying plants and overgrown grass reduces pest pressures. Wood piles and debris may also provide harborage. Wood piles should be moved away from the home. Piles of debris should be discarded. Birds feeding at bird feeder often spill seed which attracts rodents. Switching to block style bird seeds or removing feeders will reduce rodent food sources. Standing water around homes should be eliminated, especially with rats as they require it to drink daily. Sealing of gaps and installation of effective door sweeps will further reduce the likelihood of pest entry. In recent university studies ultrasonic devices have been shown to be ineffective in repelling pests including rodents.

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Take action today by calling us for a free inspection. Our licensed, insured, and experienced technicians can figure out the source of them problem and eradicate Mice or Rats from your home or business in NJ, PA, MD and DE. There’s no need to suffer with Mice or Rats when we can get rid of them once and for all.

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How we protect your home or property

Rodent ExterminationA detailed inspection and treatment program will be conducted by Viking’s trained staff in order to not only eliminate the mice within your home, but to help prevent future infestations. From exclusion services which target entry points to the latest control products we will provide the most effective rodent control program available. As always, safety is our number one concern and you can rest assured knowing Viking’s highly trained staff will perform this job with the attention to detail you expect.

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