Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are considered to be a public health pest.

As your partner in Pest Control, see how Viking can help you detect Bed Bugs and create an action plan if they do.

Bed Bugs

Just the name gives us the heebie-jeebies. The Environmental Protection Agency, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CD) and the US Department of Agriculture all consider bed bugs a public health pest. And so will you —  if you have the misfortune to encounter them.

What are they?

Bed bugs are about 5-7 mm, roughly the size of an apple seed. They are nocturnal, brown or reddish brown in color, with a beak, antenna, and often light brown hair. Their eggs are pearl white, with an eyespot if more than five days old.

How did they get there?

That’s a question everyone asks, and there is no simple answer. They can hitch a ride on clothing, shoes, luggage, as well as laundry. Hard to detect eggs may be transported, and hatch in your premises.

How are they detected?

Bed bugs are typically found on or near bedding and are visible to the naked eye. Rusty or reddish stains on bed sheets may indicate crushed bed bugs. Their excrement is seen as dark spots the size of a period. Harder to see are their eggs, or their pale yellow skins that shed as they grow larger.

Count on Us

As your partner in pest control, Viking will train your staff how to detect them, but long before an infestation occurs, Viking’s proactive Integrated Pest Management will make it difficult for bed bugs to infiltrate your property in the first place. We may recommend some modifications and practices, including bagging laundry in plastic, eliminating clutter, and more frequent
vacuuming. Passive monitors and interceptors near beds or sofas — with an adhesive or lubricant — may also reveal a population. Safeguards also include heating articles or rooms that may be suspect, and, alternately subjecting the environment to cold (sub 0 degrees F) is another safe IPM treatment. If bed bugs are found, Viking’s quick response ensures that a sighting doesn’t escalate into an outbreak. Our certified technicians are licensed to apply only the safest, appropriate controls, including desiccants, biochemicals, and insect growth regulators. If the situation dictates, we may install portable heat chambers and bed bug heaters to squelch the population. And Viking will stay with you throughout the process, which may require several follow-up visits for thorough eradication.


Dogs possess some of the most acute olfactory senses in the animal kingdom, and have successfully serviced the pest control industry for years. Trained to the scent of bud bug alarm pheromones, canines have been particularly useful locating bed bugs. Viking’s “in-house” team of certified Bed Bug Detection Canines, Hagar and Helga, are among the best in the business, with minimal “false positives.”

Viking Advantage

Do you have multiple properties? Concerned about having various pest control companies? Viking's vast presence means there is most likely a Viking office right in your neighborhood. If any pest does find a way into your business, Viking's professionals are there at a moment's notice. We take care of the situation discreetly and work with you for long-term relief. That's the Viking Advantage Commitment: A Regional coverage with a local touch.


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