Cases of mosquito-borne diseases are always a concern. With the news revealed that the Zika virus had penetrated the U.S. mosquito population, the need for vigilance about mosquito control increased for property owners.

Here are some approaches used by mosquito control experts in New York to keep these potentially-dangerous, blood-sucking insects out of your yard and home.

Combination of control methods

Research has shown that the application of pesticides alone isn’t enough to curb and eliminate the mosquito population. Therefore, mosquito-control experts know the necessity of implementing integrated mosquito management that blends the use of both chemical and non-chemical control methods.

Viking Yard Guard, Mosquito Protection exterminatorsPrevention is better than the cure

While there is every reason to hire mosquito control experts in New York to get rid of your mosquito problems, it is still more advantageous to proactively prevent the infestation before it gets started. That’s why it’s important to hire qualified, experienced extermination professionals to assess your property and eliminate any potential mosquito-breeding sites. By eliminating certain conditions that can host mosquito infestation, you have a better chance of ensuring your property is and stays mosquito-free.

Adult control methods

Furthermore, the treatment of adult mosquito populations requires the use of insecticides. Extermination experts will know what kind of insecticides are safe and appropriate to apply, with consideration to the property and surroundings and without the risk of health hazards. Overuse of insecticides can lead to increased mosquito resistance to chemical treatments, so it is far more beneficial to hire experts to handle the extermination rather than repeatedly spraying inappropriate chemicals around your property yourself; this can do more harm than good. Experts are trained in applying the proper chemicals in the specific quantities necessary to rectify the problem without unnecessary exposure.

Better understanding

Reliable, expert exterminators will also take the time to educate their clients and potential clients on causes and treatments. Oftentimes, people only consider the annoyance of itchy, swollen mosquito bites but do not realize the underlying, more serious health concerns surrounding the bites. From learning the health risks of mosquitos to preventing and treating mosquito populations on your property, securing the services of a skilled, well-informed extermination company is the way to go for peace of mind.

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