spring cleaning advice basement treatmentsBefore you call a professional pest control service, there are a few things you might need to consider. One of the questions you are bound to have is how long the process will take and whether the pest control can be done in one treatment or not. Really, it depends on the type of pest or pests that you are experiencing, the pervasiveness or extent of the problem, and also other factors like the condition of your house, the geographic area, and your knowledge of preventative pest control practices.

Type of Pests

The number of pest control treatments will depend first on the type of pest. Some pests can be controlled with one treatment but other types of pests might require regular servicing. Ask your pest control professional for a consultation—many places in New Jersey like Viking actually offer free consultations—and they might be able to tell you right away how many treatments are needed. Otherwise, you might be interested in registering for a long-term preventative solution that ensures that your home or business remains pest-free. The best part about preventative pest control treatments is that there could be pests that you don’t even know about yet—eggs that were laid long ago or the early signs of pests that you did not know how to recognize. Professional pest control specialists know how to detect these early warning signs and can intervene when possible.

Geographic Area

Pest control treatments also depend on the geographic area you are in and the age or condition of your home. Some older homes might have holes and gaps in walls, around pipes, or in foundations that make it easier for many different types of pest to enter the home and establish breeds or colonies. Likewise, if you live near standing water or have a garden, you might be an inadvertent breeding ground for some pests. Minimize the number of treatments by calling a professional today.


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