Owning or managing a business is challenging enough without having to worry about pest control. And with strict regulations around commercial pest control, hiring a professional who specializes in commercial properties is your best option. To help maintain a pest free business and reduce the chance of pests, read the pest prevention tips listed below.

1. Cleaning

If your establishment includes perishable items and or a kitchen, deep cleaning once a month is not enough to keep pests and rodents away. Depending on your business, kitchens should be heavily cleaned on a weekly basis or even daily if applicable. Also, practice a First in First Out approach to storage to ensure that storage rooms are kept clean and there are no perishable items attracting pests

2. Check Shipments

When shipments come to your facility, double check pallets and boxes for signs of pests and rodents. These signs can include holes in boxes, or pest droppings. Noticing these signs is essential to avoid a pest infestation.

3. Keep doors closed

Although it may be tempting for convenience, keep entryways to your business closed as much as possible, so pests and rodents have a smaller probability of entering your facility. Especially during the colder months, pests are trying to find warmth, and your business can be very inviting to them.

4. Hire Viking Pest Control

It is crucial to hire a company that specializes in commercial properties, due to the specialization needed for pest control. Viking Pest offers SMART Technology that links wirelessly, providing 24/7 monitoring and communication giving us full control of the installation. If you like to learn more about SMART Technology or see how SMART Technology can help keep your business, follow this link: https://www.vikingpest.com/smart/ or call Viking Pest at 1-800-618-BUGS


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