Pest Free Home

We all want a pest free home year round, and it starts with communication and participation with your Viking Technician.

Technicians will be walking around your home; please ensure we have access to all areas. If you have a locked gate, we will not be able to enter your backyard.

Clean any clutter from the floor, and countertops. This helps our technicians thoroughly detect for any presence of pests.

Make sure your home stays as neatly as possible afterward for long-term results. A good tip, when vacuuming, discard debris in a sealed bag, outside your home, then wipe down your vacuum before storing it.

If possible, move large furniture away from corners and walls. Doing so will give your technician easy access to common hiding areas.

Store all personal items, including food, small appliances, children’s toys, blankets, or your pets watering bowls. This will helps keep valuable items away from treated areas.

When it comes to pets and small children, Viking Pest carries particular products for use in these situations. Please let our representatives know you have children, pets or are an expecting mother before they arrive.

Most Importantly, talk to your technician! Asking questions and show them where you spotted a pest or heard a noise. It is also good to ask your technician for any advice on your pest problems. Be sure to ask them to explain the process of getting rid of the pest. Viking Pest Technicians are always here to help with your pest needs. Call us at 1-800-618-BUGS with your pest prevention/removal needs.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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