Pest control for healthcare facilities requires a very delicate approach. Because healthcare facilities deal with organic and non-organic waste, have a large number of people coming in and out of the facilities, and often have a food service component, they create the kind of waste that it attractive to pests. Because the population in a healthcare facility is dealing with illnesses, they are often more vulnerable than the population, at large, making it critical to control pests, especially since pests can carry disease. However, because this population is often dealing with illnesses that can not only compromise their immune systems, but also impact their sensitivity to pesticides, a traditionally aggressive approach may be inappropriate. What that means is that a pest control company that services healthcare organizations needs to be able to strike the critical balance between effective care and safe pest control options.

How do you know what pest control approach you should use?

The answer to that question is far more complex than you might imagine. What size is your facility? What illnesses do you treat? Do you patients on an in-patient basis, an out-patient basis, or both? Is your facility currently experiencing a pest-problem, or are you seeking preventative pest control treatments? If you have pests, do you know what they are and whether they are confined to part of your facility? Is it possible to keep people out of certain locations for a time-period after pest-control products have been applied, or do all parts of your facility need to be accessible24/7? Obviously, the answers to these questions vary from facility to facility, but they are important questions that can help determine which pest care approach is right for your organization.

Viking Pest Control is one of the most well-respected pest control for healthcare organizations in the Northeast. To learn more about how we can tailor a pest care approach for your facility, call Viking today and speak to a pest control expert.


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