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There is nothing quite as disgusting as seeing the first sign of a potential rodent infestation. Whether you have actually seen a rat or a mouse in your home, or have simply noticed droppings that indicate they are present, you probably have some idea how quickly an isolated rodent sighting can turn into a serious rodent problem.

Why are rodents considered such significant pests?

After all, they are tiny and, at least in small numbers, do not really represent a direct danger to you. However, rats and mice have a well-earned reputation as dirty vermin, because wild rats and mice carry a number of diseases. Rodents were responsible for carrying the fleas that transmitted the Black Death to humans, literally wiping out 30% to 60% of Europe’s population. Though we think of the Black Death as a medieval problem, the reality is that rodents still carry the bubonic plague, and that a few cases of it have been reported each year in the American southwest. If that were not enough, the plague is only one of the diseases that rodents can transmit. They also carry salmonella, tapeworms, Lyme disease, and hanta virus. In addition, they can aggravate asthma and allergies. These little animals can literally make you sick.

They can also cause a tremendous amount of property damage. Rats and mice will use your home and your belongings for bedding. The damage resulting can be as insignificant as some ruined clothing or as significant as a house-fire caused by rodents chewing through wiring in your walls.

DIY Rodent extermination tips

Many people initially want to tackle rodent infestations themselves. There are a number of DIY rodent extermination tips we tell all of our clients to take, such as sealing up any openings larger than ¼ to prevent access, keeping food (including pet food) sealed, and eliminating leaks that could be water sources. However, if you have spotted a rodent, we suggest calling in the professionals. Rodents have no natural predators in your home and they can quickly multiply.

Whether you need a rodent exterminator or a professional to help rodent-proof your home, Viking Pest is here to help!


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