It’s that time of year again! The ice and snow are beginning to melt, the days are becoming longer, and warmer weather is right around the corner. After a long and cold winter, spring is more than welcome …. but with warmer weather, come warm weather pests.

Spring may mean beautiful weather, but that’s not all it brings. The warm days that we all wished for during those cold winter nights is the same weather that pests such as ants, spiders, and flies wished for too. Springtime has all these pests coming out of their winter homes to invade yours.

To prevent a pest infestation this spring, check out our spring-cleaning tips:


Open containers, crumbs, and food spills are an invitation for ants. Go through your pantry and cabinets to make sure that food items are properly closed and stored, making sure to wipe down the insides of your cabinets and throw away any dated items. Take your trash out regularly and make sure your sink is free of dirty dishes. After meal preparation, make sure to clean and sanitize counters and floors of any spills.


After a dry winter, pests such as cockroaches and silverfish are attracted to moisture. The less water and moisture these pests have access to, the harder it is for them to survive. Make sure to keep bathroom floors dry and to fix leaky pipes in order to lower your chances of an infestation.

Living Spaces:

Pests are after three things: food, water, and shelter. Keeping your home clean will deter pests from wanting to roam, thus minimizing your risk of an infestation. Sweep and vacuum regularly, and always clean up spills and crumbs promptly to make it harder for pests to settle in.


Sometimes, even the best efforts and intentions cannot protect your home. While a clean and well-kept house will lower your chances of a pest infestation, some bugs just keep coming back. If this sounds familiar, give Viking Pest Control a call for a FREE and No-Obligation home inspection.

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