BedbugBedbugs are one of the most difficult pests to eradicate, and part of that is because people can have a difficult time identifying them. They are small and they often to do not emerge until they have a sleeping food source, which means that you can be somewhere with a serious bedbug problem and never actually see one.

About Nymphs

Bed bugs are small, with flat, oval-shaped bodies. Newly hatched bedbugs, known as nymphs, are about the size of a pinhead. They are lightly colored, usually white or tan, until they feed. Adults are slightly bigger, about the same size and shape as an apple seed, and are brown in color, but they take on a reddish tinge after they eat. Even fully grown, bedbugs remain small, usually 5mm or under in length. They are wingless, though adults have a wing pads. While they are small, it is a misconception that they are microscopic. They can be seen with the naked eye, and, while you probably will not spot them in bedding, you may see them in their hiding spots.

Signs Of A Bedbug Infestation

Since they are difficult to spot, you may want to look for other signs of a bedbug infestation. As they grow, they shed their skins, so you may want to look for discarded skins. Like other pests, you can sometimes identify them by their waste; which looks like black or brown stains or mounds. Bedbug bites look like red welts, so if you find red welts on your skin with no explanation for them, it may be a sign of a bedbug infestation. If you have bedbugs in your home, they will bite; they feed exclusively on blood.

Do you suspect a bedbug problem? If so, you need to call in professional help, as they are very difficult to eradicate and multiply extremely quickly.


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