Viking Pest has a certified entomologist on staff to assist in the proper identification of pests to ensure the proper treatments are performed and to reduce the risks to non-targeted animals. Viking’s entomologist is very important to the successes of our treatments, but you may be wondering what an entomologist studies, and what specific roles does an entomologist have in the pest control business. Continue reading to learn more!

Entomology is the study of insects including their relationships with the environment and other insects. There are many different fields in which an entomologist can work. An agricultural entomologist studies how to protect crops from pests without harming beneficial species such as bees. Medical entomologists study how to protect people from diseases that are spread through certain insects.

Viking’s entomologist not only assists with the proper identification of the pests we treat for, but the effects of our treatments on the environment and other non-targeted pests. Viking’s entomologist assists with Viking’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques minimizing pesticide use and maximizing safety for your family or business.

Viking employees are university trained and have years of field experience. You benefit from the people that Viking employs by our ability to diagnose your problems quickly and solve them with speed and precision in a safe and effective manner.


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