How to Keep Flies From Using Your Home as Theirs

Flies may be a nuisance insect year-round, but in our area, flies are a particular problem in the fall.  This is not just about perception. The winter kills off many flies, but their populations begin increasing as soon as breeding begins in the spring.  For many species, fly populations are at their highest at the start of the fall.  These larger populations are also drawn in by the warmth of homes, which can make fall flies a serious problem for homeowners.

Eliminate the source

Flies are attracted to organic matter.  This is true both inside and outside, and the more flies you have outside of your home, the greater your indoor population of flies will be.  There are a few different types of flies that cause the most problems for people, including house flies, fruit flies, and blowflies.  They can come into your house on food, climb up through tiny gaps in your boards or window frames, or fly in the house through open doors or windows.  They may be drawn to your interior or linger there because of organic material inside, but if you notice large numbers of flies outside, there is probably a good source of organic material for them.

One potential source for flies is a garbage can, compost heap, or recycling bin.  Is there exposed organic material in any of your waste containers?  If so, then they are providing a perfect breeding location for flies.  Likewise, look for sources of standing water.  While the water, itself, does not provide a habitat for flies like it does for another flying nuisance animal, the mosquito, water is likely to contain organic matter, which attracts flies.  If you have slow exterior drains, cleaning any debris from the drains and using enzyme-based cleaning products can help reduce your fly population.
Prevent infestations

While eliminating the source can help reduce your fly population, the reality is that, as flying insects, they are mobile.  Another step to take to help prevent infestation, especially from bothersome cluster flies, is by using residual insecticides at any potential entry ways and sometimes even to surrounding soils.

Viking Pest Control offers a variety of pest-prevention packages and can help minimize your chances for a fall fly infestation.  Contact us today to find out how affordable reliable pest prevention and control can be.


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