Determining the Source of Your Ant Problem

Childhood cartoons showing ants swarming to picnic sites have led many people to believe that if you see ants in your home, it must be because they have a food source in your home.  While an available food supply is attractive to ants, it is only one of the reasons that you might find ants in your home, which is why eliminating the food supply might not be enough to eliminate your ant problem.  Other reasons that you might find ants in your home include water sources and the presence of an ant nest somewhere in your home.

The search for food is the most likely culprit.

While ants may be in your home for other reasons, if you are noticing an ant problem, the most likely source of the problem is an accessible food source.  Watch where the ants are traveling?  Are they moving to and from a food source?  If so, then cleaning up any spilled foods and securing food sources may be enough to eliminate your problem.  While many of us think of securing our stored food in pantries or cabinets, we may not think of spilled foods, debris in garbage cans, or pet food as food sources, but ants are not picky about where they get their food.  In addition, sealing cracks, crevices, and openings that allow ants to get into your home will discourage them from entering to forage.

Water is another big motivator.

Have you only noticed an ant problem with a change in the weather?  Under drought-like conditions, ants may enter your home to get access to water.  If you notice ants under or around sinks, bathtubs, or toilets, they may be there to get access to water.  You will also want to check around any outdoor air conditioning units; the condensation around the units can attract ants, who can cause significant damage by chewing on electrical wires.

They might have moved into your home.

If your ant problem does not seem linked to a source of food or water, you may have a larger problem.  The building materials of homes also happen to be some of the favorite building materials for ants.  If you notice a large ant population or ants in diverse areas of your home, you may have an ant nest somewhere in your walls.  These nests can be particularly difficult to locate and eradicate, but Viking Pest is happy to help you get rid of the ants and take back your home.


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