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New Jersey Raccoon Control

New Jersey Raccoon Control

Raccoons may be known as little creatures with black facemasks but the truth is these persistent pests can cause irreparable damage to your home or business in New Jersey. Their hands may be tiny but they are remarkably sensitive and capable of ripping the siding off your NJ home or business or lifting the secure lid of a garbage can and spreading trash around. Raccoons can also spread rabies. To exercise proper raccoon control in New Jersey, you need to deal with these pests as soon as they enter your NJ home or business.

To protect your NJ home or business from raccoons, you need to learn about the behavior of this pest, take steps for prevention, and find effective treatment options should an infestation occur.

What are Raccoons?

Raccoons are medium-sized mammals with distinctive grey-black fur and a grey and black striped tail. Their faces end in a narrow snout and the fur around their eyes is black. Raccoons typically measure 20-30” in length, and weigh anywhere between 7-30 pounds.
New Jersey wildlife control experts at Viking Pest explain raccoons are omnivores and eat almost anything they can find, ranging from frogs and toads to berries, nuts, and garbage.

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How to Identify Raccoons?

Raccoons are quite easy to identify when spotted outside the home. However, if they find their way inside, they’ll do everything possible to avoid getting caught. They’re nocturnal, so most of the damage they do occurs at night.

New Jersey wildlife control experts at Viking Pest explain if you have raccoons around your home or business, you may spot their tracks, or find evidence of their presence, including tipped over garbage cans and torn up trash. New Jersey wildlife control experts at Viking Pest report that raccoons typically enter a dwelling through an exposed crack or pipe, broken window, or uncapped chimney. You may hear them moving around in your attic at night or smell stale urine or feces.

What Problems Can Raccoons Cause for New Jersey Home and Business Owners?

When a raccoon builds a nest inside your home or business, they do everything possible to make themselves comfortable. This includes ripping up exterior siding or screens to get inside and destroying insulation, ducts, or drywall to make a nest. Their odor begins to permeate the area, and ectoparasites including lice, ticks, and mites can spread from their nesting site explain the New Jersey wildlife control experts at Viking Pest.

Raccoons may also damage outdoor gardens, mulch beds, vegetation and create a mess in search of food. Raccoons can carry rabies, as well as raccoon roundworm, which can be transmitted to humans.

When are Raccoons Active in New Jersey?

Unfortunately, New Jersey’s temperate climate means that raccoons are active year-round. They are found indoors more often in the winter when natural food is scarce. Nesting mothers may also be more likely to seek shelter indoors from April to July when their cubs are born to explain the wildlife control experts at Viking Pest.

How to Control Raccoons in New Jersey

The NJ wildlife control experts at Viking Pest recommend fencing or netting to keep raccoons away from your garden and securely lock away garbage cans, birdseed, or other edible outdoor temptations like pet food.

Indoors, the New Jersey wildlife control experts recommend regularly maintaining your home, and ensure there are no loose boards, roof tiles, or uncapped chimneys where raccoons can enter.

If you find raccoons in or around your New Jersey home or business, call the wildlife control professionals at Viking Pest for help.

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New Jersey Raccoon Control

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