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Delaware Squirrel Control

Squirrels in Delaware

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When a stubborn rodent like a squirrel moves in, the problems begin. These rodents are resilient because they are hard-working, resourceful, and outright stubborn. This combination in a pest means that they can be a real nuisance if they gain access and set up camp inside a home or business. To protect your home or business from squirrels in Delaware, you need to learn about the behavior of this pest, take steps for prevention, and find effective treatment options should an infestation occur.

What Are Squirrels?

Squirrels are rodents that are most commonly recognized by their fluffy tails. These tree pests have small ears and sharp claws. Their homes are nests that are constructed out of twigs, vines, bark, and other materials and they eat nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. While squirrels tend to spend most of their time outside, Squirrels can invade your Delaware home or business beginning in fall to find a place to overwinter. Squirrels can enter your Delaware home or business through holes in your roof, or gaps between windows and doors.

How to Identify Squirrels

The fox squirrel is the biggest and has brownish-gray fur on the top and a tan underside. These rodents live mostly in hardwood forests and woodlots. They produce an average of three kittens per litter in the spring and again in late summer.

The gray squirrel is a popular species. It has a white underside and a grey topside. They prefer to live in hardwood forests with low to moderate undergrowth. As far as reproduction goes, the gray squirrel reproduces in the spring and later in the summer and averages three kittens per litter.

The red squirrel may be smaller in size but it is very feisty. The fur is a reddish-brown color on the top and the belly fur is white. Twice a year, during spring and again in late summer, they produce a litter size of around three kittens.

When a squirrel nests inside a home or business, it can cause structural damage and leave behind droppings. There may be a strange smell, chewed-up shingles, and even water damage. Hiring a professional exterminator is the best way to deal with a squirrel problem.

What Problems Can Squirrels Cause for Delaware Home and Business Owners?

Squirrels can cause a lot of damage to property. Wildlife control experts at Viking Pest explain squirrels gnaw on electrical wires and insulation. They can use power lines to travel from roof to roof, accessing a variety of attics. In order to make create comfortable homes, squirrels will chew, gnaw and scrape an area in order to build a nest. Squirrels can chew holes in siding, underneath eaves and unscreened chimneys, explain the wildlife control experts at Viking Pest.

Disinfect & Sanitize Your Home of Business

How to Prevent Squirrels in Delaware

A great way to keep squirrels away is to keep anything that they like to eat, completely unavailable. This includes nuts that fall from a tree, seeds that drop from a bird feeder, and old food or composting materials. The most effective way to remove this pest is to hire a wildlife control professional to do it, like Viking Pest.
Viking Pest offers expert treatment designed to effectively and efficiently control and prevent squirrels from invading your home or business in Delaware. Call Viking today for your FREE and NO OBLIGATION estimate at 1-800-618-2847 or schedule online today!

Squirrels in Delaware

Protecting Your Home or Business From Squirrels in Delaware With Viking Pest Control

Viking Pest offers expert treatment designed to effectively and efficiently control and prevent pests from invading your home or business in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Our use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques focuses on finding the core of the pest concern and controlling Squirrels in Delaware from the source. Through IPM, pest control materials are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, pets, and the environment. Call Viking today for your FREE and NO OBLIGATION estimate at 1-800-618-2847 or Schedule Online today!