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Mysterious holes in your foundation? Unexplained welts on your body? Chances are, your home or business is under attack by pint-sized pests. Voracious eaters and inveterate squatters, bugs and insects will take up residence under your roof as if it were their own, chewing through your walls and wallet alike. From the first sign of an invasion, prompt and professional care is critical not only to saving your property but to staving off the many diseases that these minute critters can carry. From evaluations to emergencies, the expert technicians at Viking Pest Control are proud to serve the citizens and community of Wicomico County in all pest control endeavors

Specialists in Innovative Insect and Rodent Removal

From sealing rodent cracks in the walls to termite removing nests under the deck to bringing our K9 Detection Team in to sniff out bed bugs on your sheets, the expert team of technicians at Viking Pest Control are equipped and eager to provide the perfect solution for all your pest control needs. Using only state-of-the-art tools and integrative management techniques, our staff has years of experience in both the field and classroom, and continually undergo training to stay up to spec with all the new tips and tricks of the trade. With an on-site entomologist to answer all of your pressing queries, we minimize the use of pesticides and maximize the application of knowledge to keep your family and customers safe. In all our work, we are dedicated to prompt and professional treatment, with a proven and personable touch. If you are ready to rid your home of intruders and restake your territory once and for all, give us a call.

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Spring and summer aren’t just our favorite seasons – they’re pests’, too! Protect your family and customers from bites and blood-borne illness with a single call to Viking Pest Control. No matter the size or species of infestation, we will attack the attackers as they have attacked you, freeing you from the unsightly damage and unpleasant disease that these invaders leave in their wake. From scheduled evaluations to same-day emergencies, contact us at info@vikingpest.com or give us a call at (800) 618-BUGS to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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