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Do you need help with a carpenter ant infestation in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware or Maryland? Viking Pest Control is well-versed in carpenter ant control and treatment. We know how stressful it can be to have these destructive insects in your home. We get great reviews for carpenter and control and would be happy to help you review treatment and removal options to eliminate your carpenter ant infestation.

How to identify carpenter ants?

There are several species of carpenter ants with the most common being black in color and larger than a grain of rice. Some of the less common species may have red coloration as well.

How did I get carpenter ants?

This pest naturally occurs in trees, but carpenter ants can enter your home while searching for food, moisture, and shelter in a variety of ways. These include: Crawling up the foundation and finding an entry point, dropping from tree branches on to your roof and other areas of your house that are positioned under the trees, by crossing utility wires that lead into your house or being brought in on fire wood or other means. Or, simply just walking in the front door!

How to get rid of carpenter ants?

Trimming trees and shrubs so that they do not touch the home will help to keep them out of the house. Wood piles should be placed away from the home. Pet droppings should be picked up to remove a potential food source for carpenter ants. Repairing water damaged wood before they move in also helps to reduce the likelihood of getting this pest.

What are carpenter ants effects on me or my home?

Carpenter Ant InfestationWhile there is no serious health effect associated with carpenter ant infestations, they are capable of transmitting germs as they crawl from one surface to another in search of food and water. Their effects on your home can be much more serious. Carpenter ants excavate wood creating galleries in which they live. Normally occurring in trees outdoors, they will readily take advantage of wood within the home, especially that which has water damage. Carpenter ant damage can be extensive requiring the replacement of structural members within the home. Carpenter ants may have several satellite colonies within the home, so they may not just be in the one area you see.

How we protect your home or property!

Viking technicians are trained and experienced to deal with this destructive pest. As no two home are the exactly same, neither are the treatment programs. Our pest management professionals will inspect your home and compose a treatment plan that best suits your needs while using the most up to date treatment methods available. All products used are chosen for both their effectiveness and safety. We use the least invasive procedures coupled with the know-how and professionalism you expect to correct your carpenter ant concerns.


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