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How do I recognize carpet beetles?

There are three species of carpet beetles commonly encountered in homes. They can be either all black in color or brown with mottled white and yellow markings depending on the species. They are approximately 1/8” in length. Varied Carpet Beetles and varied Carpet Beetles look similar. They require specialized training and high magnification to differentiate.

What are carpet beetle effects on me or my home?

They are no real health effects associated with carpet beetles. They will however damage natural fibers. Carpet beetle damage often presents as small holes in these materials. They may also feed on dead insects, animal hair, feathers, silk as well as dried flowers. They can be a serious concern in museums where they effect specimens, insect collections as well as other biological samples.

Where did I get carpet beetles?

Carpet beetle adults often feed on the nectar of flowers in the spring. They are attracted to light and often enter homes due to light. The adults will lay eggs near appropriate food sources in protected areas. The larvae, up to ½” long, then emerge and will feed upon natural fibers, dried flowers, dead insects, hair and/or feathers. Pet hair is a common food source. They are a cosmopolitan species and will readily reproduce in homes.

What can I do to get rid of carpet beetles?

Vacuuming often and removing pet hair may help to reduce Carpet Beetles. If they are well established and feeding upon furniture and other natural fibers they can be quite difficult to control without specialized training and materials.

How we protect your home or property!

Vikings highly trained inspectors will perform a detailed inspection of your home. They will identify which species are present and prescribe an appropriate treatment program to address the pest. As the belongings in no two homes are the same, these programs are tailored to your homes individual needs. Contact Viking to schedule your valuable free home inspection today!

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