Spiders Inspection & Extermination

How do I recognize spiders?

Spiders have two body segments and 8 legs. There is considerable variation among spider species. The only two species that cause great threat in our area is the Black Widow and the Yellow Sack Spider. The black widow is recognized by it slender legs, shiny black body and red hour glass shape on their abdomen. Yellow sack spiders are smaller, cream to yellow colored. It is always best to have a professional identify spiders as several species look quite similar.

Where did I get this pest?

Most spiders enter the home from the outside. Some species have adapted to living in basements and other sheltered areas.

How do I get rid of spiders?

Ensuring that doors seal effectively, crevices are sealed and window screens are in good repair will reduce spider activity levels. Trimming trees and shrubs so they do not touch the home will also help. Using a broom to remove webbing will also stress this pest and reduce numbers.

What are spider’s effects on me or my home?

Spiders are generally considered beneficial and most species are not a serious health concern. While all spiders are technically venomous on some level, many lack the ability to pierce skin. Most species that can bite cause reactions that are less severe than a bee sting. Black Widows which have become increasingly prevalent in recent years are the rare exception. While their bites can cause painful systemic reactions, they rarely lead to death.

How we protect your home or property.

Viking trained professionals will inspect your home and determine the best course of treatment base on you specific needs. You can be assured we will use the safest and most effective approach to your pest problem. Please contact Viking today to set up your free in home pest consultation!


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