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How do I identify ticks?

Ticks, Viking Pest ControlTicks are small insects that vary in size and color. Adults of most species are approximately 1/8” long. Their young, called nymphs, may be considerably smaller, approximately the size of a large grain of sand. Ticks may have either 6 or 8 legs depending on the life stage. A professional should be consulted for the appropriate species identification.

Where did I get ticks from?

Ticks exist outdoors in overgrown grass and shrubs. They wait patiently for a host to pass by and they grab hold as you brush past the plant. Only the brown dog tick reproduces indoors. All others species hitchhike from the exterior. Pets are a common source of ticks within the home. In some rare cases, wildlife may bring them indoors if they are somehow getting into your home.

What can I do to get rid of ticks?

Removing overgrown plants and grass will greatly help to reduce tick pressure on the exterior of your home. Treating pest with the appropriate preventative products as directed on the product label will also help to prevent them from being brought indoors. Checking kids and pest as they come indoors in high risk environments is also a good practice.

What are ticks effects on me or my home?

With the exception of the Brown Dog Tick, most tick species do not reproduce indoors. Instead, they are introduced from the exterior of your home on people and pets after they have walked through a tick infested environment. Ticks may transmit diseases such as Lyme’s Disease and Rocky Mountains Spotted Fever. Lyme’s is especially prevalent in our area. It is transmitted by the Deer Tick.

How we protect your home or property!

Vikings highly trained professionals will inspect your home, properly identify the species present and form a treatment plan to your individual needs. Safety and effectiveness are the cornerstones of our control programs. Please contact Viking today to set up your valuable free consultation.


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