Yard Guard
Special Event

Do you have an outdoor event coming up? Viking Pest is proud to announce our Yard Guard, Special Event!

If you are not a current yearly YARD GUARD™ customer, you have the option of purchasing mosquito and tick protection for those special summer moments like birthdays, barbeques, and pool parties with Yard Guard, Special Event!

Yard Guard, Special Event consists of two YARD GUARD™ mosquito and tick treatments to your property during a 60-day period. This treatment plan is perfect for reducing the mosquito and tick populations on your property for those special summer moments.

Do I Need to be Home for a YARD GUARD™ Treatment?

For exterior service visits, you do not have to be home. All we ask is to give us access to the property including leaving gates unlocked. We also ask that you keep all windows to your home closed the day of treatment.

How Does Yard Guard Work?

YARD GUARD™ provides treatments to your exterior shrubbery, plants, the lower parts of trees, under porches and areas of your property where we may find breeding sites and areas of pest population. By targeting these points, YARD GUARD™ will reduce mosquito and tick breeding sites and help stop these pests from making you their next meal!
Once applied, YARD GUARD dries quickly and starts reducing mosquito and tick populations as soon as the product is dry. YARD GUARD is also weather resistant to work as effectively as possible. The materials used by our Service Technicians are engineered to withstand weather conditions after drying. This service reduces mosquito and tick populations that may carry diseases. A university-trained technician will perform a thorough inspection of your yard to identify potential risks. Your Viking technician will also recommend steps you can take to prevent mosquito and tick populations.

How Much Does Yard Guard, Special Event Cost?

Yard Guard, Special Event is $170 before tax for customers who do not currently have a YARD GUARD™ yearly service plan. Viking does not require a setup fee with this service. Coupons cannot be used with this special offer.

I am a Current Yard Guard Customer. Can I Buy Extra Coverage?

For Viking’s current YARD GUARD™, yearly customers, Viking offers the option of purchasing an extra YARD GUARD™ treatment at a special prorated rate! Prepare for those special summer moments like birthdays, barbeques, and pool parties with an extra application of YARD GUARD™! Starting at just $45 for an extra treatment, enjoy your summer nights without the bites!

Would You Like Summer-Long Mosquito and Tick Protection?

With Viking’s yearly YARD GUARD™ service plan, you can enjoy all your summer nights without the bites!

YARD GUARD™ yearly plan consists of 5 treatments that successfully reduce mosquito and tick populations. If you would like to learn more about our yearly Yard Guard Plan, click here to call a customer care representative or click here to buy your summer long protection.


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