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NJPMA – The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

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Do-it-Yourself Pest Control Tips

Maybe You Shouldn’t Do-it-Yourself When it comes to Pest Control?
Especially if you risk burning your home to the ground!

NJPMA – The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control
By:Len Douglen | The New Jersey Pest Management Association

In June, a Woodbury, NJ homeowner managed to set his house on fire in the course of a do-it-yourself pest control effort to rid it of bed bugs. He was reportedly using a space heater, a hair dryer, and a heat gun in order to kill bed bugs in a room on the second floor.

West Essex NJ Pest News

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Viking Pest Control

The Cicadas Have Emerged in West Essex NJ
Posted By: Carolyne Volpe Curley
Article Credit:
Saturday, June 1, 2013 • 12:31pm
ESSEX FELLS, NJ – The emergence of the cicadas has begun in Essex Fells according to photos and video provided to West Essex TAP by Corrine Feindt-Summerville of Caldwell. Friday afternoon, as she explored the area over by The Pond, she started taking photos as she saw what definitely appears to be the expected cicadas. Although they may be alarming by their numbers, there is no cause for concern because they do not sting or bite and they aren’t known to transmit disease. If a human or animal goes near them, they will most likely fly away.

Spring Season & Termites

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Termite Season, Viking Pest Control, Termite Service

When Spring Arrives NJ Homeowners May Discover Termites. Don’t Panic. They’ve Been There for Years

“It’s an annual ritual of spring,” says Leonard Douglen, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Pest Management Association. “Along with the warm weather, thousands of homeowners will discover that they have been playing host to colonies of termites.”

Overwintering Pest Protection

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Why Choose Viking’s Overwintering Pest Protection Over “Store Bought” Stink Bug Traps?

Most traps by manufacturers label only have an attractant that spreads out approximately 20 feet. It would take many traps to properly protect your home and you may never reach the roofline area. Viking protects the entire home with a residual from the roofline down that lasts on average 60 days and VOPP plans are backed by our service agreement.

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