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While waterways, historical locations, and natural parks form an exciting and attractive part of the local Delaware landscape, they can also serve as a lure for many pests. Some of these pests can undoubtedly be beneficial for the natural environment. Still, if they decide to invade your home, it’s time to call for help from a local Camden, Delaware pest control service like Viking Pest Control.

Climate and Plants in Camden, DE Encourage Pests

Delaware is famous for its large open spaces and abundant natural resources. It’s also known for its damp weather in fall and cold winters, encouraging pests into local homes in search of food and warmth.

Winter weather causes unwanted visitors like rodents and millipedes to seek shelter. Unfortunately, they might decide that your home is precisely the sort of comfortable environment they’re looking for!

Spring and summer here have their pest problems too. Due to the number of rainy days and warmer weather in Camden, DE’s spring season, it’s not uncommon to notice an increase in pest activity around your property at that time. For example, mosquitoes breed in spring and can create a severe health hazard if you live near water.

Camden’s plants and trees may also attract pests. Ticks, sawflies, and gypsy moths are attracted to the pine trees, beech trees, and tall grasses that line many of the historic streets in the area.

Pests That Are Commonly Found in Camden, Delaware

The Delaware pest control professionals at Viking Pest state the list of the pests you may encounter in Camden and Kent County:

Expert Pest Control Services in Delaware

When searching for pest control companies and exterminators in Camden, DE, you’ll want to start by looking for those who have experience working with the pests commonly found in the area. This is very important as only expert local knowledge and experience can guarantee fast, effective treatment for your pest problems.

Luckily, the pest control experts at Viking Pest have over four decades of experience using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to protect local Camden homes from infestation.

Viking Pest, Your Camden, DE Exterminator, Offers Fast Affordable Pest Control!

Effective pest control requires specialist knowledge and expertise that you can only obtain from a reliable local Camden, Delaware pest control service. Let the professionals at Viking Pest stop pesky intruders from invading your Camden home.

Call Viking today at  1-800-618-2847 for a free no-obligation estimate or schedule online!

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