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Monmouth County, New Jersey Ant Control

We all know how prevalent ants can be. We may not immediately think of them as pests. But once they gather in large numbers – they will be!

Ants are among the most common household pests found throughout New Jersey. These annoying ants can invade homes and businesses quickly. You want to protect your home or your place of business. To do this, you need to learn about the behavior of ants and find the best ways to prevent their infestation. If an infestation does occur, you want to find the best treatment to rid your premises of ants.

In other words, you want to find the best ant control.

Residential Ant Exterminator | Viking Pest ControlHow to Identify New Jersey Pest Ants

There are too many ant species for us to mention. However, there are a few that are particularly prevalent throughout Monmouth County.

Here is what our pest management professionals think you should know:

  • Carpenter Ants: In Monmouth County, you will come across black carpenter ants. These ants are completely black and can be up to 13 millimeters in length – which is large for most ant species. They can build burrows into rotting wood and other housing materials. Usually, they target wet wood and housing materials as opposed to any dry materials.
  • Pavement Ants: The Pavement ants often nest under slabs of concrete or rocks. They only emerge when they need to find food – such as crumbs. These are smaller ants (usually no more than 3 millimeters) and are deep brown or black. They usually navigate to your kitchen and will try to consume anything from crumbs, to spreads, to sugars, to grains, and more.
  • Pharaoh Ants: These ants are known to prosper in warmer weather. As a result, when the weather is much colder, they tend to enter households and offices. You need not worry about them during the summer months, but you do want to take caution during the winter months.

Viking Pest can help you identify what types of ants have infested your home or business. We know the best ant control treatment to deal with any species of ant. We will help you prepare to prevent infestation for any of these ants. If an infestation has already occurred – do not worry – we have the treatment to prevent this.

How to Prevent Ant Infestations in New Jersey Homes and Businesses

We want you to know the necessary precautions beforehand. The biggest factor that causes ant infestation is when they look for food.

To prevent this, you want to practice good hygiene habits – ensuring that your home or business is always clean. Food containers, bowls, plates, cutlery, etc., should always be kept clean and preferably in a cupboard.

Your garbage should also be kept away at the end of the day. Keeping it indoors overnight can attract ants. All spills, including water, need to be wiped clean. All cracks and holes in the house (interior and exterior) should be sealed, explain the pest management professionals at Viking.

Pest Home Protection Plan

Protecting Your Home or Business From Ants in Monmouth County With Viking Pest Control

Viking Pest offers expert treatment designed to effectively and efficiently control and prevent pests from invading your home or business in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Our use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques focuses on finding the core of the pest concern and controlling Ants in Monmouth County from the source. Through IPM, pest control materials are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, pets, and the environment. Call Viking today for your FREE and NO OBLIGATION estimate at 1-800-618-2847 or Schedule Online today!