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Monmouth County,
New Jersey

Monmouth County

Monmouth County Exterminators

Monmouth County’s growth shows no signs of slowing down thanks in part to attractions ranging from beaches and boardwalks to battlefields and breweries. A thriving economy and plenty of educational opportunities also help explain the popularity of this county on the Jersey Shore. Unfortunately, abundant rain and humidity send local pests running for cover in our homes and businesses.

Residential Pest Control

When insects ranging from ants to wasps descend on your property, it’s time to call for the Monmouth County pest control experts at Viking Pest Control. Bugs, spiders, and rodents create hazards ranging from bites, stings, and illness to fires and costly home damage. We’ll explain steps you can take to prevent pests, but infestations require professional help to keep your family and pets safe. Viking’s Home Protection Plans keep your home guarded against pests year-round

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses experience a wide variety of risks when it comes to pests. From moths and cockroaches invading food supplies to mice and rats spreading diseases or starting fires, you need pest protection. When you partner with Viking Pest Control our team of pest control experts will use preventative steps to keep you one step ahead of pests. Professional treatments protect your employees, customers, reputation, and bottom line from all types of invaders.

Termite Control in Monmouth County, NJ

Termites are incredibly stealthy invaders. Their virtual silence and invisibility allow them to go undetected by most, giving them ample opportunity to quickly destroy the structure of your home or business. Repairing leaky outdoor faucets, placing fine-mesh screens on vents and other openings, and removing wood or debris helps prevent termites. Call immediately for termite control from the termite extermination experts at Viking Pest Control if you see discarded wings, hear rustling sounds in the walls, or spot a swarm on your lawn.

Monmouth County Mosquito and Tick Control

These pests aren’t just annoying. Mosquitoes spread viruses and other pathogens while ticks transmit Lyme disease and other illnesses. Taking the right precautions helps prevent these invaders from landing on your lawn. Mosquitoes are repelled by basil and many other plants. Removing standing water sources also helps ward off these biting bugs. Creating a natural barrier between your yard and nearby woods helps fend off ticks; wear long clothes outdoors and socks when possible, and always inspect family members and pets for ticks after outings. If these pests do end up darkening your door, banish them with a call or website visit to your favorite pest pros at Viking Pest Control.

Preventive Pest Control for Monmouth County Residents

The precautionary steps mentioned so far apply to specific pests. Some tips, however, will help prevent most kinds of bugs and rodents. Try these tricks to help make your home or business less vulnerable to pests.

  • Keep food in the fridge or in containers with tight lids
  • Ensure that everyone cleans up spills and messes immediately
  • Store trash away from the house in a tightly closed can
  • Mow your lawn regularly and clear away debris and leaves
  • Trim tree branches away from the house or building
  • Seal gaps and cracks on outside walls
  • Replace worn weather strips and trim

Viking Pest Control provides the following, and many more, services to residential and commercial customers in Monmouth County, New Jersey:

From roaches to rodents, home and business owners battle a wide variety of pests in Monmouth County, NJ. While there’s a lot you can do to help avoid bugs and rodents on your property, they’re sometimes able to make their way indoors despite your best efforts. Protect your property, people, and pets with safe, effective pest control inspections and treatments from Viking Pest Control. Whether you’ve spotted pests or want to prevent them, contact Viking Pest Control. Call us toll-free at 800-618-2847, or fill out our convenient online contact form for fast, friendly service.

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