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Florham Park

Homeowners in Florham Park, New Jersey, take pride in their beautiful homes and put a lot of time and energy into maintaining them and protecting them from damage. Unfortunately, pests and wildlife can invade even the most well-maintained home, wreak havoc, and cause damages. Luckily, though, homeowners living throughout Morris County, including those here in Florham Park, can count on the pest control professionals at Viking to get rid of invading pests and provide services to keep future populations out of homes year-round!

Raccoons in The Attic Can Be Noisy & Destructive, Let Us Help

Wondering how to get rid of pests in Florham Park, New Jersey? The first thing to know is that not all pests are created equal. Some pests can be particularly invasive, damaging, and disease ridden. One such pest is the raccoon.

That is right, these masked bandits have become quite problematic for homeowners living in Morris County as we expand our territory, we are coming into closer contact with wildlife species like the raccoon. Raccoons see our homes as a free buffet and a cheap place to live- they will feed on gardens, dig through garbage, and happily create their own entrances into homes to live and nest in attics and behind wall spaces. Once inside, they will become very noisy, destructive guests.

Raccoons are wild animals and may bite or scratch if they feel threatened or are cornered. Because they can carry serious diseases including rabies, it is best to leave their control up to professionals. Viking Pest Control can quickly and humanely locate and trap any raccoons that have decided to take up residence in your home through our wildlife control services. We can then suggest environmental changes around your home and property that will help to deter future raccoon problems.

Home Pest Control in Florham Park, NJ

Ants, mice, bed bugs, termites, spotted lanternflies, mosquitos, mice, spiders, crickets, flies, and many others are common household invaders. They are not only a nuisance to have living in your home, but many can be quite destructive and dangerous.

To protect your home from becoming invaded by pests, a year-round home pest control service  should be put into place. Viking Pest Control provides our customers with reliable home pest control services that include options for natural, organic pest control.

We offer seasonal service visits through our Home Protection Plan that change and focus on the needs of each season. Our spring service visit focuses on making changes around your home to stop newly emerging pests from gaining access to your Florham Park home.

Our summer visit controls and eliminates pests that have decided to nest and live on your property and helps to prevent them from getting into your home. Our fall visit focuses on sealing entry points around your house to stop insects and other pests from using your home as a free place to stay over the winter. And, finally, our winter visit focuses on controlling and eliminating pests on the inside of your home and includes a termite inspection.

Florham Park Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are an issue for homeowners across the country, unfortunately, even here in Florham Park. But, with professional help and control they can quickly be eliminated from any home no matter how big or small the infestation may be. That is where our pest management professionals come in.

Viking’s highly skilled, thorough, and professional technicians will get rid of the bed bugs in your home using specialized materials that are highly effective against bed bugs. After treatment is completed, we highly recommend purchasing Protect-A-Bed bed bug bite-proof mattress and box spring covers to aid in preventing a re-infestation by “locking in” any remaining bed bugs, eggs, or larvae. Bed bugs are no match for Viking Pest Control experts. For more information about our bed bug control program or about our year-round proactive bed bug control service, call our local pest experts today!

Why Choose Viking For Pest Control in Florham Park, NJ

When choosing Viking Pest Control to help protect your home, you are choosing a local company that understands the specific needs of our local customers. We have been protecting New Jersey homes from pests and their damages since 1980; developing and honing our services to meet the constantly changing needs of our customers and the environment.

With Viking providing pest control services in your Florham Park, New Jersey home you can be certain that you will be receiving the most up-to-date and environmentally sound services possible.

For more information about any of our safe and highly effective pest control services, give us a call today at 1-800-618-2847. We will get you connected with a trusted exterminator near you!

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