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New Jersey


Viking Pest Control has been supplying unsurpassed pest control services in Garfield, Montvale, and throughout New Jersey. For over 40 years, Viking has been providing quality and effective pest control services to eliminate ants, roaches, bed bugs, mosquitos, termites, spotted lanternflies, mice, and more to help maintain a pest-free environment.

Available Pest Control Services in Garfield, New Jersey Include:

Home Pest Control in Garfield, New Jersey

Viking Pest Control offers Home Protection Plans to help Garfield homeowners achieve and maintain a pest-free home. This home pest control plan covers ants, termites, millipedes, silverfish, earwigs, mosquitos, spotted lanternflies, bed bugs, and other insects as well as rodents.  You can also add services to your plan and our friendly pest control experts will also protect against termites and carpenter ants as well as bed bugs.

What does the plan consist of? Great question! When you sign up for this residential program, it includes:

  • Thorough inspection services
  • Preventative actions
  • Management reports
  • Unlimited Service Requests

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Commercial Pest Control in Garfield, NJ

At Viking Pest Control, we provide commercial pest control services that include monthly routine inspections and service visits, a pest consultation with our staff entomologist, and sanitary inspections and audits. We pride ourselves on having open communication with all our customers and providing detailed service reports after every visit. Contact Viking Pest Control today to find out how we can help you eliminate flies, roaches, and other insects and rodents that infest your commercial property.

Wondering how to get rid of pests in Garfield, New Jersey? Our Bergen County pest management professionals can help. Call now to get connected with a local pest exterminator near you!

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