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New Jersey


For the past 40 years, Viking Pest Control has been partnering with New Jersey business owners to help keep their products, their equipment, and their reputation safe from the harm that pest infestations can cause – and there is no place that requires this protection more than Fairfield, New Jersey. Our bustling city is famous as a commercial and financial center, and our industries reach around the globe.

With such far-reaching influence, Fairfield businesses must be careful to protect themselves from the pests that would threaten to harm or contaminate products and facilities, which is why Pest Control has developed a highly effective and very affordable year-round commercial pest control plan. To learn more about all that Viking has to offer your Fairfield business, contact us today.

Reliable Pest Control Services Near You

Wondering how to get rid of pests in Fairfield, New Jersey? At Viking, we provide pest control for:

Commercial Pest Control Services in Fairfield, NJ

If you are looking for reliable, affordable pest control services for your commercial property in Essex County, look no further than Viking Pest Control. We have been offering effective, eco-friendly, reliable service to the commercial establishments here in New Jersey and have built our stellar reputation within the community by offering unmatched customer service to our valued clients.

Our focus is on complete pest elimination and total customer satisfaction, and we will personalize our pest control solutions to fit the needs of any industry, no matter the size.

Our commercial pest control experts are state certified and licensed and undergo extensive and ongoing training to ensure that you receive the most innovative and efficient pest protection possible. Plus, our Quality Control Supervisors perform periodic inspections to ensure that you are ready for any official inspections and audits. To learn more about our comprehensive, cost-effective year-round pest protection plans for your Fairfield industry, contact us today.

We have successfully aided these, and many other, industries in becoming pest-free:

Ant Control Solutions in Fairfield, NJ

Ants are a tiny pest that can cause a lot of trouble for your Fairfield business. Ants can contaminate products, infiltrate sensitive equipment, and nest inside your facility; and if the ants that invade are carpenter ants, they will tunnel into the wooden framework in your facility and burrow holes to build their nests. If you see ants in your commercial building, take the threat seriously and contact the local pest management professionals here at Viking Pest Control.

We offer effective solutions that work to control ant populations in and around your commercial property and can find access points and help you to eliminate them so that future foraging ants will not be an issue. To learn more about the reliable stand-alone products or our year-round solution for ants, contact us today.

Protect Your Fairfield, NJ Business from Termites

The best way to protect your Fairfield business from the damages that termites can inflict is by proactively protecting your property with reliable termite monitoring and control services. Termites are secretive little pests that come into the recesses of your building by way of mud tubes that they construct up the side of your foundation. Often, you are unaware that these pests have invaded until the damage is so severe that it is completely obvious and costly to repair.

Our termite control professionals have authorized operators of Termite Bait and Monitoring Systems which is one of the most eco-friendly, non-invasive ways to monitor for and to eliminate termite colonies on your property.

Do not Let Your Fairfield, NJ Customers Get Stung

The sting from a bee or a wasp can be painful, but it is even more painful when that sting occurs on your commercial property. Employees can miss time due to debilitating reactions to these stings, and you open your company up to costly litigation when these insects decide to attack your clients.

Some species are aggressive and will attack at the slightest provocation, some live in colonies and will come to the aid of their fellow colonists resulting in multiple stings by hundreds of insects, and still, others have smooth stingers and are capable of multiple stings. And when you combine the ability to sting multiple times with the pack mentality of some stinging insects, you have an encounter that could land your employees or your customers in the emergency room or worse.

Taking care of the nests of stinging insects that invade your commercial property truly is a job for a professional. Knowing which family of stinging insects has nested on your property is an important first step in deciding how to eliminate them.

The experts here at Viking have experience with stinging insects and can quickly identify the species and safely eliminate the colony. If you discover stinging insects on your Fairfield property, do not take matters into your own hands. Instead, get connected with an exterminator today and discover the Viking difference!

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