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New Jersey


Boonton has been a part of New Jersey for over 150 years. It has a rich industrial history, especially in the iron industry. Today, it is a place that many families live, work, and enjoy its natural beauty. Boonton takes pride in caring for its residents and is home to the historic New Jersey’s Firemen’s Home – hospital that cares for full-time and volunteer firefighters that have nowhere else to turn. Viking Pest also has deep roots in New Jersey and has been a part of our local communities for over 40 years! We take pride in offering exceptional customer service and the pest control services that people have come to trust and depend upon. Find out now why Viking Pest Control is where people turn to eliminate dangerous and damaging pests from their Boonton properties.

Mice Control in Boonton, NJ

Once mice find their way into your Boonton property, they can be extremely difficult to eliminate. They are shy, nocturnal, and they really do not want to leave the place that is offering them free food and shelter! The rodent control specialists here at Viking Pest Control can quickly and successfully eliminate mice from your New Jersey home through our year-round home pest control services or through our rodent control services that specifically target mice. Our rodent control service includes the following:

  • A thorough inspection by one of our highly knowledgeable professionals.
  • All mice entry points discovered around your home will be blocked.
  • Baits and/or traps will be placed in appropriate locations around your property.
  • Trapped rodents are removed from your home and the traps are re-baited to prevent future issues with mice.

Do not share your home with mice who can contaminate food sources, spread disease, and damage your personal belongings and the structure of your home for another day; contact the New Jersey pest management professionals at Viking Pest Control today!

Problems Caused by Carpet Beetles in Boonton, NJ

Carpet beetles are a small pest whose larvae really love to feed on products made of wool, fur, feathers, or other animal products. Having carpet beetles in your home can mean that clothing, blankets, carpets, and more can be damaged by the large holes that the larvae chew through them. Adult carpet beetles mostly feed on nectar and pollen; but when found inside homes, they can become pantry pests that will feed on cereal, flour, and rice products.

If this is not enough, the real nightmare with carpet beetles is that the larvae are attracted to the oils in your hair and on your body. As you sleep, they crawl over you with their bristly body leaving behind a rash (on some people) as they make their way to your head to dine on your hair. Because of the rash that carpet beetles leave behind, they are often mistaken for bed bugs.

If you believe that carpet beetles are in your Boonton home, contact Viking Pest Control. Our professionals can correctly identify their presence and offer an effective treatment option that will allow you and your family to sleep soundly once again.

Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips in Boonton, NJ

Carpenter ants are usually found nesting outside in the ground, but they enter homes and other buildings while foraging for food sources. Once inside, they may decide to stay and set up a satellite colony. To create satellite colonies, they typically tunnel through the structural wood in your home and make nesting galleries. They can be very damaging and difficult to eliminate without the knowledge of a pest management professional. Below are some common prevention tips to help stop carpenter ants from choosing your Boonton property to invade and nest in.

  • Carpenter ants require moisture to live; reducing areas of moisture around your property by ensuring that gutters are working properly, fixing leaky pipes and fixtures, replacing water damaged wood, and using dehumidifiers can all help to deter carpenter ants.
  • Trim back trees and bushes from the exterior of your home; they can use their branches to easily access your home.
  • Store firewood and trash cans off the ground and back away from the outside of your home.
  • Seal all small cracks and crevices in the exterior of your home that the carpenter ants can squeeze their way through.
  • Store pantry items in air-tight containers.

If carpenter ants or termites have found their way onto your property or into your home, Viking can help.

Home Pest Control Services in Boonton, NJ

Wondering how to get rid of pests in Boonton, New Jersey? Viking Pest Control offers many solutions to control common household pests in and around your Boonton home. Our year-round Home Protection Plan provides customers with thorough inspections, preventative measures, management reports. Find a pest exterminator who does it right!

We also provide the following targeted pest control services to keep your home free of common New Jersey pests:

Take the stress of controlling pests in and around your Morris County home by contacting the local pest control experts here at Viking Pest Control!

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