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Cherry Hill,
New Jersey

As one of Delaware Valley’s leading commercial centers, Philadelphia suburb Cherry Hill is a busy place. The community’s claims to fame include being the site of the first enclosed mall in the country, having an enviable amount of municipal green spaces within its city limits, and a two-mile stretch of blooming cherry blossoms for several weeks each spring. The area was first settled in the early 18th century and was originally known as Colestown. It was later renamed Cherry Hill in the 19th century after a local farm became renowned for its cherry orchards.

With a population of approximately 75,000 citizens, Cherry Hill has plenty of home and business owners who rely on Viking Pest Control.

Pest Control in Cherry Hill, NJ

While those well-tended public parks and blooming flowers provide a pleasant environment for rest and recreation, they also provide pests with plentiful food and shelter. Once insect and rodent pests figure out that it’s even easier to live indoors, they’re rarely happy with sticking around outside, especially when seasonal temperatures begin to drop in autumn.

Rodents may be looking for a place to nest and reproduce, and your home or commercial property could provide the necessary resources for them to do so. Cockroaches also begin to seek cozy accommodations as seasonal temperatures change. This can make life miserable for homeowners because once these pests make their way indoors, they can breed in almost overwhelming numbers. This means that even if only a small number of pests manage to access your home interior in early autumn, you could be dealing with a fully-fledged infestation by the time winter comes along.

At Viking Pest Control, we don’t just eliminate the current problem — we utilize a multi-strategy approach designed to keep pest populations in check in the future. For instance, one of the most common ways for household pests to get inside your home is through small exterior openings. We ensure that these openings are properly sealed so that pests can’t weasel their way inside your home.

However, not all pests would prefer to live indoors. Carpenter bees, for instance, are a noted scourge that often torment Cherry Hill homeowners.

Carpenter Bee Treatment in Cherry Hill, NJ

Carpenter bees do not typically live inside houses. They are more likely to be found around the exterior, where they can find untreated or weathered wood to accommodate their nests. Carpenter bees are known for their ability to drill holes into wood in order to lay their eggs. While they do not eat the wood, the holes that they create can become a problem if they are not properly sealed, as they can weaken the structural integrity of the wood and make it more susceptible to damage from other pests. If you do find holes or other damage, it is important to repair it as soon as possible to prevent the bees from gaining access to the interior of your home.

If you have carpenter bees around your house, it is important to take steps to control the infestation and prevent them from causing damage to the wood on your property. Preventive measures include physical barriers, such as screening or mesh, to prevent carpenter bees from accessing the wood on your property, as well as sealing it with paint or another protective coating to make it less attractive to the bees.

Other common pests in Cherry Hill, NJ include:


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Viking provides comprehensive pest control solutions rather than just exterminator services. We use an integrated approach designed to create customized plans for each individual household or business depending on their specific pest problems and risks. Our state-of-the-art Anticimex SMART system complements the traditional expertise of our technicians with round-the-clock digital monitoring, data analysis to predict potential pest activity in the future, and nontoxic pest control.

Please contact us at 1 888 395-1008 or through our convenient online portal for more information about our pest control services in Cherry Hill.

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