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Egg Harbor,
New Jersey

Egg Harbor

Egg Harbor is a stunning and tranquil township in Atlantic County, known for its wine production, Roundhouse Museum, golfing opportunities, the Storybook Land family amusement park, and a wide selection of restaurants. Keeping New Jersey homes and businesses here protected from pests is our mission.

We offer a range of pest control services, with specific solutions for specific pests. Whether you are worried about invading pests in your home throughout the different seasons or your business is seeking proactive actions to keep its staff and customers healthy, Viking Pest Control is here for you.

If you live or operate a business in Egg Harbor, contact us today for a free estimate and say goodbye to any unwelcome visitors.

City Pest Inspection in Atlantic County, NJ

Are you a property owner or property manager in need of a city pest inspection? Viking Pest’s certified Pest Management Professionals will fully inspect your property for signs of pest activity. Our experts are trained to inspect for pests, such as bed bugs, and will provide the property owner or manager with a certified letter stating the date of the inspection along with either the presence or absence of pests.

The Most Common Pests in Egg Harbor, New Jersey

Due to its lush vegetation and temperatures, Egg Harbor experiences a range of different pest species. Termites, spiders, stink bugs, ants, crickets, mice, cockroaches, wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, ticks, and carpenter bees are some of the pests that can plague homes and businesses in Egg Harbor.

Pest levels in Egg Harbor will vary from property to property, depending on the types of vegetation and plants nearby and its specific location within the locality. Our local Atlantic County pest control experts explain due to the warmer climate, pest activity is noticeably higher in spring, summer, and fall than in winter. You may also notice an increase in pests in the lead up to winter, as pests seek shelter and food ahead of the drop in temperatures.

At Viking Pest Control, we create fully personalized service plans designed to protect your property from pests. Contact our experienced team today, and we will create a tailored plan to protect your property from any unwelcome visitors. Our pest control technicians are expertly trained to control and prevent a multitude of pests including but not limited to:

Controlling Pests in Egg Harbor, New Jersey

We provide a wide range of residential and commercial services. Whether you live in a family home with a leafy garden or an apartment, our team is here to help mitigate any current or future pest problem. For business in Egg Harbor, ranging from healthcare facilities and grocery stores to restaurants, schools, and much more. Call Viking today at 1-800-618-2847 or get a fast, free pest control quote online for your Egg Harbor home or business.

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