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New Jersey

Voorhees, New Jersey is located in Camden County. It is a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a population of just under 30,000. The community was named for Foster McGowan Voorhees, the New Jersey governor who approved the separation of Voorhees Township from Waterford Township on March 3, 1899.

The Lenni-Lenape Native Americans were the first residents of the area that would later become Voorhees, with other tribes drawn to the location for its rich soil, plentiful hunting game, and excellent fishing. These tribes tended to live a nomadic lifestyle, spending their summers growing corn, beans, and pumpkins. They also walked the short distance to the Atlantic Ocean to harvest fish to smoke for the winter months. The path they traveled eventually became a route for stagecoaches, known as Long-A-Coming Road, which is currently Route 561.

Today, Voorhees is famous for being the home of the Philadelphia Flyers training facility, the Skate Zone. It is also the base location of New Jersey’s largest water utility, New Jersey American Water. Voorhees offers the plentiful activities of an urban area on the outskirts of a major city, but still has a lot to offer for those who love the quiet life and the outdoors. Kirkwood Park is a popular recreation area for children and hosts many community events and sports. Stafford’s Woods has Stafford Trail and other great walking and hiking trails for those who prefer to spend some quiet time in nature.

Natural Resources and Weather Patterns in Voorhees Encourage Pest Activity

The proximity of the Delaware River, the Atlantic Ocean, and other water sources like Kirkwood Lake contribute to the humid continental subtropical transition climate. Summers are typically hot and humid. The winter months vary in temperature and can range from milder days in the 40s and 50s to extreme cold of seven degrees below zero.

These weather patterns are ideal for flourishing pest populations. Insects and rodents need resources like water, food, and shelter to thrive. The heat and humidity of Voorhees summers offer the perfect breeding ground for many species as water and vegetation are plentiful, providing ample nourishment and shelter. Once the weather takes a turn and the temperatures start to drop, all those bugs, mice, and rats scramble to find a safe place to live. They are driven to seek shelter inside the warmth of homes and businesses. Some of the most prevalent insect and rodent species in the Voorhees area include:

Pest Control and Prevention in Voorhees, New Jersey

Once pests get established indoors, they are more difficult to eradicate. The best way to keep your home or business free of pests that carry disease and cause property damage is to take a proactive approach.

Hire a local business that has experience working in the area, like Viking Pest Control. Knowledge of common area pests and when they are active throughout the year allows professionals to target calibrate the pest control solutions for times and places when they are the most effective. Viking offers a wide range of commercial and residential services including:

You can help prepare your home or business for professional pest control services by taking note of any signs of pests in or around the property, cleaning up clutter to make the application of products more effective, and fixing cracks and leaks. Performing cleanup and maintenance is a great way to eliminate potential hiding spots for pests and stop them from entering your property through damaged areas. It also makes future treatments more effective. These efforts help the experts identify the root cause of any infestation and create a customized plan to address your specific needs.

Local Exterminator Services You Can Trust

At Viking Pest Control, we have decades of experience helping local homes and businesses with all their pest control needs. We are an award-winning company dedicated to using the latest technologies and sustainable solutions to deliver effective results. Request your free estimate or go online to schedule your service.

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