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East Rutherford,
New Jersey

East Rutherford

East Rutherford, New Jersey is located only 7 miles from Midtown Manhattan. This suburb of New York City promotes family, progress, and commerce, and offers its residents a quiet, family-oriented community to recharge in after returning home from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

To protect your family and home from the many insects and rodents that also choose East Rutherford to live in, partner with the local New Jersey pest control experts at Viking Pest Control. At Viking, we focus on proactive, customer-focused pest control. Trust our industry-leading pest management professionals to keep your East Rutherford residential or commercial property free of insects, rodents, and other troublesome pests.

Residential Pest Control in East Rutherford, NJ

Since 1980, Viking Pest Control has been protecting Bergen County neighborhoods from pests. Our professionals are highly experienced, trained, and educated and know how to provide the seasonal services needed to control pests in and around New Jersey homes throughout the entire year. Our Home Protection Plans offer residential pest control services that have been specifically designed to eliminate pest problems that are unique to New Jersey homes.

Viking Home Protection Plans provide customers with year-round pest prevention for their East Rutherford home. To learn more about our Home Protection Plans or about our other residential pest control services, get in touch with one of our professionals today.

Wondering how to get rid of pests in East Rutherford, New Jersey? Viking Pest Control offers every service you need: including mosquito and tick control, ant control, termite control, spotted lanternfly control, bed bug control, mice and rodent control, and more!

Beetle Prevention Tips for East Rutherford, NJ Residents

Carpet beetle adults are oval-shaped insects that can be found outside feeding on plant nectar and pollen. However, they are often introduced into homes on plants or flowers that have been brought inside, or they also may find their way inside on their own through openings found in the exterior of your home. Once inside, the females will lay their eggs, and when their larvae hatch the larvae will begin feeding on natural fibers found throughout the home or other buildings. The larvae can cause damage to blankets, carpets, upholstered furniture, clothing, and more.

Also, the larvae are attracted to the oils found in human hair, as their bristle-covered bodies travel across a sleeping person to reach their head, they can cause an itchy red rash on the skin. To prevent this common household pest from becoming a pest inside your East Rutherford home, we want to provide you with the following prevention tips:

  • Inspect outdoor plants and flowers for adult carpet beetles before bringing them inside from the outside
  • Make sure that window and door screens are intact and make sure that the weatherstripping found around windows and doors is also intact
  • Regularly vacuum and dust your home to remove hair, dust, and other debris that could act as a food source for carpet beetles
  • Store clothing and blankets inside of pest-proof boxes or bags, instead of inside of cardboard boxes, and make sure that items are clean before storing them

To protect your home from carpet beetles and other invading pests, the professionals at Viking Pest Control highly recommend putting into place a year-round pest control plan. To learn more about controlling carpet beetles through our Home Protection Plans, give us a call today.

Protect Your East Rutherford, NJ Business with Commercial Pest Control

Viking Pest Control has the experience needed to provide effective pest control services in a wide variety of New Jersey industries including:

By choosing Viking Pest Control for your commercial pest control needs you will be sure to receive exceptional pest control services that are completed by our state-certified and licensed technicians who are continuously being trained. At Viking Pest Control we understand that every business has its own unique pest control needs and challenges.

By choosing us, you will have peace of mind knowing that our entire team of pest professionals is dedicated to working with you to put into place a long-term solution, ensuring that your East Rutherford business becomes and stays free of pests.

Learn More About Termite Control in East Rutherford, NJ

You know that termites live in New Jersey and you know that you probably need to protect your home from them, but you also are quite sure that the process is extensive and expensive. Well, the professionals at Viking Pest Control are here to tell you that you are both right and wrong. It is correct that your East Rutherford home needs to be protected from termites, but the process is not as prohibitive as you might think. At Viking Pest Control we highly recommend giving us a call to have us come install a Termite Bait and Monitoring System to eliminate and control termites from New Jersey properties.

Termite Bait and Monitoring Systems utilize discreet bait stations that are placed around your property. The eco-friendly system begins to work immediately, eliminating every member of the colony and then remaining in place to continuously monitor your property for termites and prevent a re-infestation. To learn more about the affordable and highly effective termite control options, call a Viking Pest exterminator today!

Let Viking Pest Help With Pest Control In East Rutherford, NJ

The local pest prevention experts at Viking Pest offer specialized treatments to effectively and efficiently keep pests from invading your home or business in East Rutherford, NJ. Call Viking today for your FREE and NO OBLIGATION estimate at 1-800-618-2847 or schedule online today!

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