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New Jersey

The elegant homes, comfortable neighborhoods, and small-town feel of Montville, New Jersey, serve as an open invitation for families to come and settle down here; and with just a short commute to Midtown Manhattan on the Montclair-Boonton Line, many who work in the city commute from Montville preferring the easier suburban life. Of course, suburbia would not be without its issues, and pests like termites, stinging insects, and mice are at the top of the list.

Many residents here in Montville choose to protect their homes from the damages that termites, rodents, and others can cause and choose to protect their families from the diseases that mice, mosquitoes, ticks, and more can transmit by partnering with Viking Pest Control for year-round pest protection services.

Viking has been protecting homes and businesses across the area and throughout New Jersey and parts of New York for more than 40 years. With all that hands-on experience and access to the most advanced tools and technologies, the pest professionals here at Viking can quickly identify infestations and eliminate pests leaving you free to relax and enjoy Montville and all it has to offer. To learn more about our industry-leading pest control solutions for Montville homes and businesses, simply contact us today.

Pest Control Services for Homes & Businesses in Montville, NJ

Keeping your Montville home or business and the ones you love safe from the harmful and damaging effects of pests is a full-time pursuit. Each pest is unique in the threat that it brings, as some, like termites, can destroy the structure of your property; some, like mice, can carry and transmit harmful pathogens; and some, like the flea, are an enormous nuisance.

While it may be easy to decide which pest is causing issues on your Montville property, figuring out what works to eliminate them is not always as clear. With the lack of effect from DIY products and countless hours of frustration, many have turned to the trusted team here at Viking Pest Control for a solution, and they are so glad that they did.

Wondering How to Get Rid of Pests in Montville, New Jersey?

Our home protection plans offer industry-leading, year-round protection for homes offering seasonal services that focus on the active pests during each season of the year; and yes, there is even pest activity in the winter! Plus, our customizable pest protection plan for commercial properties uses integrated pest management strategies and eco-friendly solutions and is sure to meet all the regulations set for your specific industry.

We protect your property from all types of pests, including:

To learn more about our highly effective year-round pest protection services for Montville homes and businesses, our Natural & Organic pest control solutions, or any of our other industry-leading products, simply give us a call today. We will get you connected with a trusted exterminator in your area.

Stinging Insect Control in Montville, NJ

If you live in Montville, then you know that we have our fair share of stinging insects; but did you know that at least one of them must be protected? That is right, the Honeybee is a protected species and must not be harmed. This takes stinging pest identification to a whole new level. Before combating stinging insects on your Montville property, identification is essential; and the stinging insect experts here at Viking can do the job.

Our local pest control experts can quickly find the hive or nesting site, identify the species, and either eliminate the issue or call in a skilled beekeeper to safely remove the hive and move it. Either way, the stinging insects on your Montville property will be safely eliminated and you can go about your day without the threat of a sting. To learn more about our expert stinging insect control solutions simply contact us today.

Carpenter Bee Control in Montville, NJ

Carpenter bees pose a unique threat to Montville residents, and not in the way that you might first suppose. In fact, male carpenter bees are not even equipped with a stinger, and the females usually stick close to their nest and will only sting if necessary. The way that carpenter bees are a threat is by their nesting habits. These insects bore into the untreated wood on your home, garage, shed, fence, and other wooden structures to form galleries for nesting; and to make matters worse, woodpeckers are fond of the carpenter bee larvae and will peck at the holes made increasing the damage.

The pest management professionals here at Viking are trained to deal with carpenter bees and can easily find all nesting sites and safely secure your property from these pests. To learn more about our carpenter bee control services or to begin your year-round home pest control program which includes carpenter bee protection, give us a call today.

Termite Control Services in Montville, NJ

Termites are the most elusive pests that you will meet in Morris County. These pests can access the interior of your home and eat away at the structural supports deep inside your walls without you even realizing they are there, making an effective termite monitoring and control system essential for each property owner here in Montville.

For many residents in Montville and across New Jersey, the place to turn for termite protection is Viking Pest Control. This is because our termite experts have access to the most effective products in the industry for termite control. Viking professionals are authorized operators of Termite Bait and Monitoring Systems which are some of the most eco-friendly, non-invasive ways to eliminate termite colonies on your property.

To learn more about our expert termite control services for your Montville property, or to learn more about Termite Bait and Monitoring Systems,  reach out to us today.

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