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New Jersey

Hawthorne, NJ provides its residents with all the amenities of a close-knit, small town, but with the benefit of easy access through mass transit or major highway systems to New York City. Hawthorne provides its residents with varied neighborhoods, good school systems, and many community events throughout the year to bring everyone together! The pest professionals here at Viking want to help ensure that residents of Hawthorne are kept safe by providing pest control services that can protect people and property from dangerous and damaging pests.

Through residential pest control services, termite control services, ant control services, and more we get rid of pests common to Hawthorne, New Jersey, and keep them from coming back!

Residential Pest Control Services in Hawthorne, NJ

Owning a home brings a lot of joy and a lot of work; let the professionals at Viking Pest Control help you take care of your home by providing year-round pest control services that will protect both the structure of your home and the health and safety of you, your family, and pets!

Our Home Protection plans provide year-round protection against common household insects and mice through seasonal service visits; spring, summer, and fall/winter.

During our quarterly visits, our pest management professionals will perform inspection services, implement control and preventative measures, and provide detailed reports. Through this plan, you will also receive unlimited service requests at no additional cost.

We offer a wide range of pest control services for all types of pests, including:

Wondering how to get rid of pests in Hawthorne, New Jersey? Give us a call today to get started protecting your home and family from the pests common to Hawthorne!

Termite Control in Hawthorne, NJ

Termites are a big concern for property owners living in Hawthorne, they are damaging pests, they quietly enter home and businesses where they make themselves at home feeding on the structural wood found in your home or business. Partnering with a pest control company that understands how to eliminate and control termites is vital to the structural integrity of your home and your bank account! By choosing to partner with Viking you are choosing a company that has over 40 years of experience, modern services, and highly trained and dedicated technicians that are committed to eliminating any size termite infestation from any size property.

Our local termite control program begins with a thorough inspection completed by one of our pest control experts. They will look for termites, their damages, and the difficult-to-find hidden signs. If termite activity is found, we will immediately present you with a price estimate and service agreement. Quick response is key to eliminating termites! At Viking, we recommend several treatment options for eliminating and preventing termite infestation on your Hawthorne, NJ property.

Contact us today to learn more about our effective, and affordable termite control services! We will get you connected with an exterminator in Passaic County right away.

Common Ants in Hawthorne, NJ

Ants are a common household problem for people living throughout New Jersey. When dealing with ants it is important to remember that there are many varied species living throughout Hawthorne, each with their own unique characteristics. Getting professional help to eliminate an ant problem is important so that the species can be correctly identified, and safe and effective treatment measures can be taken for that specific species.

Common ants found in Hawthorn include:

  • Little black ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Argentine ants
  • Field ants
  • Carpenter ants

While most ants found in Hawthorne are nuisance pests, the carpenter ant is more than a nuisance; it is a damaging pest that requires specific treatment to eliminate them from your home. Like termites, they can cause damage to structural and other wooden elements that are found in your home. Unlike termites, they do not eat the wood; they will forage for food in kitchen and pantry areas like other ant species but tunnel through and nest in wood found behind your property’s walls. They prefer water-damaged wood to start with, but once they are established will invade sound wood in your home as well. Their presence in your home can cause costly structural damage; immediate professional help is the best solution to a carpenter ant infestation.

At Viking Pest Control, we can eliminate carpenter ants through services that include, a thorough inspection of your property, effective carpenter ant treatment services, and the identification of areas around your property that are attracting carpenter ants to help prevent a re-infestation. We can provide our fast, eco-friendly, guaranteed carpenter ant control services on their own or add them onto our year-round pest control service plan; give us a call today!

Why Choose Viking Pest Control in Hawthorne, NJ

There are many great reasons to put your trust in Viking to take care of your Hawthorne property’s pest control needs. Listed below are some of those reasons why!

  • You will have peace of mind knowing that you are choosing a pest control company that provides only the most advanced, environmentally sound services to its customers.
  • Longevity – Viking has been in the business of pest control since 1980.
  • We constantly develop and refine our pest control services to meet the ever-changing needs of all our customers.
  • Exceptional customer service: we take into consideration the individual needs of our customers before beginning a pest control treatment program.
  • Our professionals are highly experienced and can handle any pest problem in any home or business!
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