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New Providence,
New Jersey

New Providence, New Jersey, is located within the beautiful Watchung Mountains and offers an environment that is warm and inviting. To protect the area’s neighborhoods and businesses from pests, Viking Pest Control offers affordable and effective pest control services. With over 40 years of pest control experience, we are dedicated to being leaders in our industry.

Let our team of QualityPro certified technicians work closely with you to eliminate pest problems, and prevent their return. To learn more about how we can protect your residential or commercial property from pests, reach out to the friendly and dedicated experts at Viking Pest Control.

Residential Pest Control In New Providence, NJ

There are many pests living throughout New Jersey that will take any opportunity to enter into your home in order to gain access to food, water, and shelter sources. To protect your home from being invaded by year-round pests, put into place one of Viking’s Home Protection Plans.

This plan works to keep a wide variety of pests such as spiders, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, mosquitos, rodents, roaches, stinging insects, house crickets, beetles, termites, carpenter bees, and more out of homes and away from families. Viking’s team of pest control experts are here for you, providing you with the most comprehensive solution possible to solve your home’s pest problems. Our Home Protection Plans provide year-round protection against common household pests through three scheduled service visits with unlimited callback services for covered pests.

To learn more about our Home Protection Plans, contact us today!

How to Get Rid of Pests In New Providence, New Jersey

If you’re facing a commercial or residential pest infestation, your first step is to call a local exterminator in your area. At Viking Pest Control, our Union County pest control specialists are here to offer the right solution for your unique needs. We’re able to diagnose and treat a wide range of pest problems, so contact us today to keep pests away the right way!

Benefits Of Rodent Control For New Providence, NJ Residents

Some of the many benefits of putting into place a rodent control program for your New Providence home include:

  • Rodents won’t be able to introduce disease and bacteria to you and your family.
  • Rodents won’t contaminate your home’s surfaces and your family’s food with their urine, feces, and saliva.
  • Your family’s personal belongings such as pictures, books, clothing, shoes, and furniture won’t be damaged by rodents.
  • Your home’s structure won’t be damaged by rodent’s sharp teeth.
  • You won’t be kept awake at night by the pitter-patter of rodent feet above your ceilings or behind walls.
  • You won’t be kept awake at night knowing that the structure of your home and personal belongings are being damaged by the rodents living in your home!

To protect your home from damaging, disease-spreading rodents, Viking Pest Control offers highly effective rodent control services. Through this service, our professionals identify and block entry points, place baits and/or traps in appropriate places based on our knowledge of rodent behavior, remove trapped rodents, and refill traps to rid your home of rodents as quickly as possible. To learn more about our rodent control services and how they can provide you with all the benefits of a rodent-free home and a peaceful night’s sleep, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In New Providence, NJ

Viking Pest Control offers commercial customers customized pest control services needed to keep pests out of any New Jersey business. By choosing Viking for your commercial pest control needs, you are choosing a company that is going to assure your business is free of pests because of our advanced and eco-friendly pest control services. Other benefits to partnering with New Jersey’s leading pest control experts include that our certified and licensed technicians are continuously being trained, to ensure that we are using the most up-to-date methods to keep your business free from pests.

Let our pest control experts and our comprehensive pest control solutions take care of your business’s pest control needs, providing you with a solution to keep pests out and away from your business and your customers and employees once and for all. Give us a call to learn more!

Learn How To Avoid Bed Bugs In New Providence, NJ

Most people associate bed bugs with travel, coming into contact with bed bugs in airports, airplanes, taxis, and hotels. But the unfortunate truth is, bed bugs can be in any public place and you can come into contact with them any day of the year. You, your spouse, or your children can come into contact with bed bugs and accidentally introduce them into your home after spending time day to day in places like libraries, movie theaters, dormitories, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, and office buildings.

To avoid coming into contact with bed bugs and avoid them from taking over your home, it is important to always be vigilant when spending time in public places and to keep personal belongings up off the ground. Inside your home, it is essential to routinely wash and dry all bedding and outerwear worn on a daily basis on a high-heat cycle, regularly vacuum your floors, and do not purchase used mattresses, box springs, or furniture which have the potential to be infested with bed bugs, their nymphs or eggs.

If bed bugs do find their way into your home, don’t panic, contact Viking Pest Control and our professionals will treat your home or business to ensure all stages of bed bugs are eliminated and that a re-infestation does not occur. Give the bed bug extermination experts at Viking Pest Control a call today at 800-618-2847!

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