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Did you know that Piscataway, NJ hosted the first Fourth of July celebration on July 4, 1778? The fifth oldest municipality in New Jersey was formerly a Native American territory founded in 1666 and incorporated officially in 1798. Piscataway was also one of the earliest settlements of the Atlantic seacoast. The municipality is home to the SHI stadium, the State University of New Jersey, and several Robert Wood Johnson Medical School campuses. Due to its prime location, the suburb has a welcoming atmosphere, attracting both commuters and corporations alike, and is a wonderful place to work, live, and play.

While Piscataway is one of the best places to live in the US, pests, and rodents are likely to infest your new apartment from the surrounding environment, bringing infections and diseases. To prevent this, it’s crucial to schedule pest control services. Viking Pest professional exterminators handle all your pest control concerns so that you won’t have to do it yourself. You’ll have less to worry about, such as the damage they might do to your home or the possible infections or diseases they might be carrying.

Rid Your Piscataway, NJ Home of Unwanted Visitors

Pests can easily transmit diseases to you or your loved ones. Before they do, you should schedule preventive pest control services in Piscataway, NJ. Our residential pest control solutions reduce the possibility of future infestations to prevent severe health issues. Preventative pest control ensures your whole family is safe from carrier infections and illnesses.

Inspection is the First Preventive Step

Inspection is always the first step in a successful pest management routine. The inspection process helps identify potential threats and entry points into your home and determine an effective defensive game plan. A thorough inspection also helps to locate any pests on your property, locate their nests and eliminate them before they breed and multiply.

Pest Control Ensures the Safety of Your Home’s Structure

Common household pests such as termites attack wooden structures of your home, boring holes through them. Over time, some important wooden parts of the home’s structure, including those that bear the roof’s weight, can weaken and, in the worst cases, collapse.

In addition, termite damage to your structural components can lower the value of your home and increase maintenance costs. We use tested, sustainable, and effective extermination methods at Viking Pest to ensure your Piscataway, NJ, home is free from termite damage while preventing future occurrences.

Is it Better to Hire a Professional or DIY?

A professional pest exterminator achieves better and more effective outcomes than a DIY job. While DIYs are effective for small-scale pest control, larger-scale pest infestation is more suited for a professional pest exterminator. Further, our pest technicians have the experience and knowledge to determine future threats to your home and find ways to prevent them from causing damage to your home or disease or injury to your family.

Our pest control professionals have years of experience in extermination and know how to inspect for nests, identify the culprit, and eliminate them before they breed further.

Clean Your Home After the Pest Control Procedure

After a thorough pest treatment, cleaning surfaces after the treatment dries is a good idea. Cleaning eliminates the possibility of incidental contact with pest treatments while discouraging pests from returning to their hideouts.

Cleaning also rids your home of animal droppings that leave behind a musty, unpleasant odor, improving your home’s indoor air quality.

Our Pest Control Treatment is Designed with Family and Pet Safety in Mind

We understand that when you are fighting pests, you want to stay safe. That’s why our treatment procedure is professionally designed to specifically eliminate the pest with minimal risk to your loved ones.

You Can Schedule Pest Control at Your Convenience

We understand that your daily work routine can be hectic sometimes, leaving you little time for housekeeping. Our pest control services are customized to meet your needs, and you can schedule free callbacks if it’s part of your plan.

Keep your Food Safe and Sanitary

Homes and businesses often deal with cockroaches and rodents attracted by food scraps. Open food vessels attract “grain pests,” such as meal moths, and pantry weevils that find their way into your pantry and contaminate your favorite snack.

Apart from contamination, the pests also render the food inedible, leading to unnecessary waste. Seal open food containers to help keep them free from contact with these pests and schedule professional elimination.

You Can Save By Preventing a Costly Infestation

At the early onset of pests, you will notice droppings, food crumbs on the floor and surfaces, shed skin, or chewed-off wood surfaces in your Piscataway, NJ, home. These are clear signs that should call for immediate extermination services to eliminate any breeding nests.

Early detection and preventive pest control are worth it and will save you money by preventing a costly infestation in the future.

Five Common Household Pests You Might Encounter

You might encounter common pests in your Piscataway, NJ home.

  • Ants

Carpenter ants, pavement ants, and odorous house ants are some of the most common pests that invade homes. While most smaller ants won’t bite, some larger ants, like carpenter ants, will bite you if disturbed.  Ants also carry filth and grime from outside the home into the home and spread it around, potentially causing health problems.

  • Termites

Termites often remain unseen, eating through the wood; clues you might have termites include bubbling paint, a “popping” noise behind walls, mud tubes, or discarded wings.

  • Flies

Besides their annoying buzz, flies carry pathogens that could cause food poisoning. They also multiply quickly where there’s a source of food.

  • Spiders

Although they naturally help with pest control, spotting a spider in your home can be unsettling and scary. To ensure that spiders stay out, maintain a tight seal around exterior windows and doors and seal any exterior cracks.

  • Cockroaches

Roaches carry bacteria and easily transmit them when they come into contact with food. These hated pests like hiding in moist places, such as under the sink, and can reproduce fast if left uncontrolled.

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Our professional pest control services are available across Piscataway, NJ. At Viking Pest, we stock quality and safe pest treatments to handle any level of infestation. Call us today at 1-800-618-2847 to request a free estimate or learn more about our services.


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