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New Jersey


In addition to being an exceptional place for people to live, Bogota, NJ is a community that is committed to the environment and sustainable living. Bogota has the unique distinction of being one of only 208 communities in New Jersey to achieve the status of being Sustainable Jersey certified. The pest management professionals at Viking Pest Control are also committed to the environment by offering exceptional, eco-friendly pest protection to keep damaging, disease-spreading pests out of New Jersey homes and away from people and pets. Find out today why since 1980 so many New Jersey residents have trusted the local pest experts at Viking Pest Control with all their pest-related needs.

Residential Pest Control in Bogota, NJ

Never have to think about pests again by implementing Viking’s Home Protection Plan. This plan provides year-round protection against common household insects and mice through quarterly service visits. Spring, summer, fall, and winter, your home and family will be protected against invasive and potentially dangerous and damaging pests!

  • Our spring service visit focuses on emerging pest prevention
  • Our summer service visit focuses on pest management by deterring and eliminating pest populations around your home
  • Our fall/winter service visit also focuses on pest management and the blocking of entry points to prevent pests from overwintering inside of your Bogota home

In addition to general pest control service, we offer stand-alone services that will protect your home from mosquitoes, ticks, rodents, mice, termites, spotted lanternflies, and more.

Protect Your Bogota, NJ Property from Termites

Protect your Bergen County property from damaging termites by partnering with a company that has the experience and dedication needed to treat, eliminate, and prevent future termite infestations. At Viking Pest, our services begin with a termite inspection that is completed by one of our termite experts, if during the inspection termite activity is found, we take immediate action. Our expert will provide you with a price estimate and service agreement. We highly recommend a Termite Bait and Monitoring System to eliminate current problems with termites and as a way of preventing future issues with these very damaging pests. Through a Termite Bait and Monitoring System discreet bait stations are placed around your property. The eco-friendly system begins to work immediately, eliminating every member of the colony. Once the colony is eliminated, the bait stations remain in place to continuously monitor your property for termites and prevent a re-infestation. To learn more about the Termite Bait and Monitoring System, or our other highly effective termite control options, give us a call today!

Commercial Pest Control Services in Bogota, NJ

Wondering how to get rid of pests in Bogota, New Jersey? Viking Pest Control and our commercial pest control experts can help! We can provide the services needed to eliminate current pest problems inside your facility, along with implementing preventative measures to keep them from returning. It is time to hire an exterminator that does the job right!

Other benefits of choosing Viking Pest Control to solve your business’s pest control needs include:

  • Our entire team is fully committed to providing you with the best pest control services available
  • Our pest control technicians are state-certified, licensed, and are regularly trained
  • We provide pest control services that solve pest problems in a wide range of industries, from Fortune 500 Companies to small mom-and-pop shops, we have your commercial pest control needs covered
  • We provide a satisfaction guarantee; if you are not completely satisfied, we will give you your money back

Contact us today to learn more about protecting your Bogota business with the help of the commercial pest control experts at Viking Pest Control.

Why Bed Bug DIY Options Will Not Work in Bogota, NJ

Many people are under the impression that they can handle a bed bug infestation on their own. Many believe an infestation can be solved by washing all the clothing and bedding in the home and throwing out all the mattresses and bedsprings. Unfortunately, that will only result in a lot of unnecessary laundry being done and a lot of money being spent on new mattresses and box springs that will soon be infested with bed bugs again. This is because while bed bugs are found living in the living spaces of your home, they are also found living in the cracks of walls or wooden furniture, behind baseboards, in upholstered furniture, behind clocks, underneath rugs, and even in the computer that you are googling DIY bed bug control options with. Meaning that the reality of a bed bug infestation is that the only way to eliminate them is to partner with a professional pest control company that has experience inspecting for and getting rid of parasitic bed bugs. Do not waste your time, money, and sanity by trying to take care of an infestation on your own, contact Viking Pest Control. Our professionals will provide a thorough inspect your home, finding ALL the places the bed bugs are hiding. They will then perform three treatments, during which our technicians will use safe, specialized materials to ensure all adult bed bugs, eggs, and nymphs are eliminated from your home. To learn more about our bed bug control services for your Bogota, New Jersey home. Give us a call today!

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