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Morris Plains,
New Jersey

Morris Plains, NJ is known as the Community of Caring because the people who live there care about families, neighbors, and the community. Located just far enough outside of Newark, NJ to not have all the hustle and bustle, but close enough to enjoy the benefits of city life, visitors come to enjoy the museums, bird sanctuary, Staten Island Zoo, and more. Those fortunate enough to call it home enjoy these attractions as well as the many other things to see and do. One thing that residents don’t enjoy is pests. Morris Plains, NJ has pests, just like everywhere else in New Jersey. Mosquitoes, rodents, bed bugs, stinging insects and wildlife and so many more live here, annoying property owners and causing destruction.

Though many try to deal with them on their own, it’s truly best to call in pest management professionals. At Viking Pest Control, we’ve been protecting the good people of New Jersey for over 40 years and offers effective pest control in Morris Plains that is effective against all types of pests.  There isn’t a bug or rodent in New Jersey we haven’t seen or conquered.

How To Get Rid of Pests in Morris Plains, New Jersey

Homeowners in Morris Plains know their home is under attack.  It’s hard to miss ants in the kitchen or flies hanging around the fruit bowl.  Wherever bugs show up, it’s not good.  At Viking Pest Control, we realize not all bugs are dangerous to health, safety, or structures.  We also know that when a home is infested with bugs, they need to go regardless of their threat level.  That’s why we offer home pest control in Morris Plains that exterminates common household bugs that invade homes in the area.  With year-round coverage, regular service visits, and free callbacks, homeowners in Morris Plains and throughout Bergen County and New Jersey can trust Viking to protect their family and their property.  If you’re tired of bugs in your home, contact us for local home pest control services.

If you’re facing a pest infestation, your first step is to call a local exterminator near you. At Viking Pest Control, we provide the services you keep your property pest-free. We provide services to treat bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, mice, mosquitos, spotted lanternflies, and more.

Morris Plains Bed Bug Treatments

Sadly, homes and businesses in Morris Plains, NJ fall prey to bed bugs. Bed bugs aren’t picky about where they hang out and get their meal. They don’t care about cleanliness or location nor whether you are rich or poor. If they hitch a ride with you then you are chosen. Bed bugs are tiny, about the size of an apple seed, and they hide in small dark places like behind outlet covers, between mattresses, behind trim and picture frames. They have even been discovered in such places as libraries, public busses, subways, taxi cabs, and more.

Pretty much anywhere that people go, there’s a chance you can find bed bugs. Protect yourself, your family, and your business from these invaders with Viking. We know how to find and eliminate any and all bed bugs in your home or business. Learn more about our bed bug treatments in Morris Plains.

Termite Control Options For Morris Plains

The termites in Morris Plains, NJ that are causing issues for homes and businesses are subterranean termites. These are tiny insects that feed on wood and other cellulose products, but they seem to prefer wood that has been damaged by water. There are 3 types of termites, the small (1/4” to ½”) cream-colored and soft-bodied worker termite, the dark-colored, blind, and wingless soldier that is about the same size as the worker, and the large ½” black or brown colored reproductive. Subterranean termites, as their name suggests, spend the majority of their time hidden from us underground. Most of their damage is hidden away inside our building’s framing.

These silent destroyers often cause thousands of dollars in damages before being discovered. It’s hard to stop a costly adversary like this when you don’t know they even exist. This is where Viking comes in. We are the pest control experts. Our termite extermination experts are trained and ready to identify and rid your property of these wood destroying insects.

Let Viking Pest Help With Pest Control in Morris Plains, NJ

Viking is the name to know for Morris Plains, NJ pest control. Our signature Viking Pest trucks are all around town. We are the most responsive pest control provider in New Jersey.  For over 40 years, we have been serving the great people of New Jersey and our company has kept customer service right where it belongs, first. We focus on traditional hard-working values and deliver the best in pest service by using today’s technology. We can cover all your pest control and wildlife needs for residential as well as commercial settings. Call Viking today for your FREE and NO OBLIGATION estimate at 800-618-2847 or schedule online today!

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