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New Jersey


Flemington is one of the hidden gems found in Hunterdon county, New Jersey. The town has been around since 1910, April 26, when it was incorporated. The town is surrounded by Raritan township, making it one of the few doughnut towns in the state. Flemington borough is registered as the Flemington Historic District in the New Jersey Register of Historic Places. The town has a county house, a 19th-century hotel, and a castle.  Today, Flemington, NJ, is home to about 4,500 people. Like any other town, Flemington, NJ, is not immune to the perils of pest and pathogen infestation.

How To Tell You Have A Pest Problem

Your Flemington, NJ, home or business can suffer considerable damage from the tiniest pests. Your home and health could also take a turn for the worse, thanks to the unsanitary nature of most pests and the pathogens they can carry. Did you know that pests cost American home and business owners billions of dollars annually? Do not be part of the statistics; learn how to identify an infestation before it gets out of hand.

Here are some signs you should look for:

1. Excrement around the Homestead

Most pests leave behind clues that homeowners can pick up on in a short period of time. The most common sign your home has an ‘unwanted guest’ is the presence of excrement or grime around the home. This unwanted filth is usually found on walls, furniture, or remote parts of the floor.

2. Unexplained Fabric and Paper Damage

Another way to tell you have an infestation is by identifying bite damage on fabric and paper. Finding holes in your clothes or important documents is not a pleasant experience for anyone, so it’s a good idea to check your clothes every once in a while, especially ones you have stored away for a long time.

3. An Unusual Smell Emanating From Unexpected Places

Bite marks are usually accompanied by a telltale smell that can engulf the better portion of the room. It is not a foul smell; it usually smells like moldy cardboard, like something is definitely amiss. The attic, basement, and any crawlspaces in and around the building are crucial to starting your search for pests. Pests like to make themselves at home in the parts of the home you rarely make use of.

Once you identify a pest infestation in its early stages, you can quickly do damage control by calling Viking Pest Control for award-winning pest control in Flemington, NJ; early detection and management can mean less damage to the property which means fewer expenses for a home or a business owner.

The Dangers of Pests in Flemington, NJ Homes, and Businesses

Pests and pathogens pose a real danger to businesses and homesteads alike. Here are a few events that may befall Flemington businesses in the event of an unmanaged pest infestation.

Destruction of property

Most businesses rely on storages area to stock valuable stock. Pests can consume or contaminate these assets, especially cardboard and paper assets, before the company utilizes them, leading to a variety of potential negative consequences, especially for businesses with no insurance coverage. However, damage from pests extends beyond immediate material loss.

Harm to Reputation

Businesspeople know how damaging a seemingly small matter can be to a company’s reputation. Many states and counties have strict health code policies that govern working conditions. The sight of some pests like rats can suggest that environmental conditions are not fit for producing food for human consumption or could designate an area unfit for human habitation. Public knowledge of pests on the premises can be especially damaging in the hospitality, food service, and medical industries. For these reasons, getting a trusted exterminator near you is best to clean up your business before things get out of hand.


Flemington Pests Viking Pest Control Can Help With

Ants- Ants reproduce fast and feed on the food items we through away. Their stings can be painful and potentially fatal for anyone with allergies.

Spotted lanternflies- Spotted lanternflies are invasive species, so they breed fast, spreading to new areas in no time. It is important to exterminate them before they get a chance to take root.

Rodents- Mice can eat through clothes, stored food, and contaminate surfaces. They are a health hazard and a nuisance to homeowners.

Cockroaches- Cockroaches are hard to exterminate without professional help because they are very good at hiding in the tiniest cracks. Let Viking pest control help you completely exterminate this pesky pest.

Work With the Best in The Business

When dealing with pesky pests, you want the best in the business to deal with the problem promptly and effectively. At Viking Pest Control, we believe in using modern methods to tackle age-old pests swiftly and sustainably.

Our Services

Residents of Flemington, NJ, are no strangers to pests such as cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, and mosquitoes, thanks to the river flowing through the town. Vikings Pest Control is skilled and experienced in dealing with raccoons, carpenter bees, termites, wasps, and even rodent infestations. With our high-quality tools and treatments, you can be assured your business or home will have its pest problems under control.

Our Team

Our team is well trained and equipped with modern tools that help exterminate pests and prevent a recurrence in the future. Viking pest control team members have years of experience in the pest control industry. We understand that each unique pest problem requires a unique approach to tackle the infestation successfully.

Customer Service

We value our client’s opinions and observations above all else which is why we put the clients’ needs first. Our team members have impeccable customer service skills and always maintain professional conduct. We always have someone on the other side of the line waiting to get your order for a pest control or extermination job. Give us a call today and experience customer service at its finest.

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