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New Jersey

The township of Jackson was established in 1844, although the first records of the area date as far back as 330 years ago. Settlements began to appear once a small group of Rhode Island and Long Island residents in the Monmouth Patent purchased the land.

Up until 1955, Jackson’s most prominent industry was agriculture. Prior to 1920, forestry and cranberry bogs were prevalent. Afterward, the locals turned to poultry farming and then the current industry of new home development to house individuals looking to leave the city or commute from a more rural setting.

Today, Jackson is home to nine parks, ranging from playgrounds to fields. They provide many opportunities for outdoor fun, whether you seek community activities or a place to enjoy nature in solitude. Six Flags Great Adventure is the most prominent attraction in the town, bringing millions of visitors every year. John F. Johnson Jr. Memorial Park is the ideal location for groups as it boasts soccer fields, basketball courts, and picnic areas. Fishermen can visit Lake Eno on Lakeview Drive to cast a line or relax on the observation deck. Or, spend some time in the natural pine lands of Gil Putnam Memorial Park.

While there are many fantastic outside spots to explore, the proximity of these favorite Jackson sites to water, fields, and forest lands means that bothersome pests like mosquitos and ticks are likely to thrive in the area. If you don’t take the appropriate steps to prevent these and other insects or rodents from invading your home or business, you may face a problem that requires fast action to rectify.

The best approach to control mice, rats, and bugs starts with contacting experts that know the area. With more than 40 years of experience, Viking Pest is a local business that understands the threats common to Jackson, NJ, and can provide you with tailored solutions to deal with any pest issues quickly and effectively.

The Role of Jackson Weather in Pest Problems

Jackson, NJ, has cold, snowy winters and summers filled with hot, humid, and sunny days. It typically gets about 48 inches of rain each year, which is well over the average of 38 inches. These conditions make the area prone to all kinds of pests. They thrive in the moist, warm summers as they increase in number. Once colder weather sets in, they begin searching for shelter. These are some of the common pests in Jackson:

Once rodents and insects find their way indoors and make themselves at home, they are difficult to remove. Exterminator services are ideal for conducting critical services like termite inspection and to spotting other signs that pests are present. It’s vital to get expert help to find the source of the problem, so they can eliminate hiding spots, identify troublesome breeding grounds, and recommend solutions to keep these bothersome pests out of your home or business before they can cause damage or create other issues.

Viking Pest Solutions for Pest Control in Jackson, NJ

Get the professional services you need with Viking Pest! We are an award-winning pest control company that provides effective, sustainable, and minimally invasive solutions based on our extensive knowledge of the area’s pests. Our experts evaluate your situation to create a customized approach that delivers excellent results. We take care of current infestations and offer preventative measures to stop pests from invading your property. Contact us today to learn more about our available services and get a free estimate!

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